Quantum Memory – Here and Not Here

binary code goes quantumThe headline is, Quantum memory ‘world record’ smashed. At first glance, that may seem interesting but not apply to paranormal research.

Think deeper.

Here’s the line that made me pay closer attention to this report:

But in a quantum system, “qubits” are stored in a so-called “superposition state” in which they can be both 1s and 0 at the same time – enabling them to perform multiple calculations simultaneously. (Emphasis added.)

When we’re ghost hunting, psychics (and others) often talk about ghosts being “here and not here.”  It’s how some people perceive the energy we often call ghostly.  It’s there, sort of… but it’s also not really there.  Trying to explain that can be challenging.

(We also talk about faeries in the “betweens” and the early Irish described the Tuatha De Danann as “gods and not gods.” All of them might reference the superposition state of entities that are both in our world and not in it.)

But, this quantum computing breakthrough — at room temperature — may apply to other aspects of ghost hunting, and other branches of paranormal research.

It could explain why one researcher held the Ovilus at the Salem Inn (in 2009) and nothing much happened.

About 30 minutes alter, when he handed that Ovilus to me, it immediately started chatting.

This could explain why some researchers photograph orbs, note EMF spikes, or hear (or see) things while others at the same location (at the same time), don’t.

The fact that the quantum concept involves memory… Well, though we’re talking about different kinds of “memory,” this might eventually apply to residual energy hauntings. What if that energy doesn’t dissipate within the context our our world? Maybe what we perceive is the gradual (and sometimes intentional) movement of that energy from “here to there,” wherever “there” is, in another world or reality.

That’s going far out on a limb. The semantics of this report triggered that “what if” thought.

Of course, while this is fun to think about, it’s also highly speculative. We’re a long way from being able to demonstrate any answers like this, consistently, though that is a goal.

One of the big questions has been the role of the observer, and how to insulate investigations so the observer factor can be studied.  Until now, quantum reports were encouraging, but not this dramatic.

You see, I’m pretty sure the 39 minutes in this test had to be observed.  As I see it, that’s the only way results can be recorded.  (It’s that old, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there…” challenge.)

To take the superposition state from just three minutes (and in cryogenic conditions) to 39 minutes at room temperature… that’s an amazing leap.

This breakthrough also opens the door to think about paranormal encounters in fresh — and surprisingly possible — contexts.

Photo credit: Binary illustration by Flavio Takemoto.

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  2. Fiona, You are probably alluding to RAM when you say the quantum memory of residual energy,however if we restrict to this timeline,genetic memory stands a better chance of durability.Multiverse and quantum immortality have still to prove their relevance even if true.A separate site for QI might be the requirement,even while the concept is an inherent part of ME.COM.

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