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In the northeast, Halloween can be…

California – The Ghost Wore Boots – Part 1

[as reported in Fate magazine, in an article titled 'Boots'] I lived in a haunted house in California for five…

California – The Ghost Wore Boots – Part 2

At first, I merely felt uneasy. I blamed it on the black skies outside the windows in my "studio." In…

California – The Ghost Wore Boots – Part 3

What happened next was the most dramatic event of the haunting: From the start, there seemed to be two ghosts.…

California – The Ghost Wore Boots – Part 4

Our ghost was considerably quieter -- but not silent -- after that. Within a couple of weeks, the house was…

Blood Cemetery, Hollis, NH – Probably a Bug-Orb

This was my second visit to Blood Cemetery (aka Pine Hill Cemetery). I was there just before dusk on Sunday,…


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