Welcome to Ghost Hunting and Haunted Places. I’m Fiona Broome and – since 1999 – I’ve posted hundreds of articles at this ghost hunting website.

Is Your House Haunted? bookIf you’re afraid that your home is haunted, please read my book, “Is Your House Haunted?”  It explains why about 80% of the sites I visit aren’t actually haunted. (And no, it’s not “all in your head.” There are real, physical explanations for everything from illness to apparitions to “a creepy feeling.”)

… Can’t afford the 99-cent price? That book is free to read in Kindle Unlimited, and you may be able to borrow a digital copy through your public library.

(Also, I’m working on a second book, with additional information for those with more serious ghost problems.)

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Ghiost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries
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