Ovilus – Hell-Fire Caves – UK

“The Ovilus – Ghostfinder Paranormal Society” is a demonstration of the Ovilus in Britain’s Hell-Fire Caves is impressive but not necessarily scary.  It shows exactly what the Ovilus can say, though this video may only impress those who understand the way it works.

The word selection is random, similar to the results of a random number generator equipped with numbers from 1 to 512.  (The Ovilus, in dictionary mode, comes pre-programmed with at least 512 words.)  In other words, your chances of hearing the same word twice are, at best, 1:512, if the device is working on random chance.  Unless you feel that something else (like a ghost) influences the Ovilus, it’s statistically unlikely that you’ll hear the same word repeated within several minutes, and extremely unlikely that it will say the same thing twice in a row.

So, hearing the words repeated in this video, I was impressed.

My own experiences with the original Ovilus (the one that had just 512 words) were startling.  It said my full name at a Salem, Massachusetts, location.  I can understand that “broom” might be in the dictionary, but not “Fiona.”  I’ve heard the Ovilus say other people’s names — not in the dictionary — as well.

After my previous review of an interesting Ghostfinder Paranormal Society video, I looked for more videos by this group.  That’s how I found this Ovilus video, and I recommend other videos by this British group, assuming that many of their videos will have the same credibility.

For anyone wondering what a ghost would say, this video gives you a good idea… if you believe that ghosts are speaking through devices such as the Ovilus.

Assuming that the Ovilus really does speak for ghosts, I’m rating this video with the usual 2 1/2 stars for average originality, and 4 stars for credibility.  The video represents a typical, good Ovilus investigation.  This may not be a scary ghost video, but it’s the real thing.  (This video might be a little more chilling if you research the history of the Hell-fire Club and its reputation for immoral acts.)