Otterbein, OH, Cemetery Tour

This video – “Haunted Cemetery – Ghastly Sounds…” – isn’t actually a “ghost” video, but a tour and history of an Ohio cemetery that’s definitely worth investigating.  We need more videos like this, to help ghost hunters find worthwhile sites.

However, I didn’t see or hear anything especially scary in this video.  Most of the night video quality is poor — weak sound and blurry camerawork — but that’s not what I was watching for.  In general, this video provided some good history and ghost stories, and enough of a subjective impression that I feel confident this is an active (ghostly) cemetery.

No, I can’t articulate why.  There’s a certain mix of sounds and silences, images and shadows… it adds up to a “gut feeling” about some locations.  Almost invariably, they turn out to be haunted.  I’m pretty sure this is one of those sites.  If I were in Ohio, near this cemetery, I’d visit it regularly for research.

In the video, the woman mentions some spooky sounds.  Maybe I missed them; the sound track isn’t great.

What I did hear — between normal, rural night noises — sounded like footsteps.  If the woman filming the video was alone, or her companions weren’t moving around while she was standing still… yes, those sounds are kind of spooky.

The mausoleum is definitely creepy.  It has that sterile/tragic combination that often marks a site that seems to attract shadow people.  I have no idea why.  It’s as if they need to fill in the void with their forms… but maybe I’m putting the cart before the horse.

All in all, this video got me interested in this cemetery, enough to compile some useful links if you’re investigating that site.  And then, I discovered another haunted cemetery with the same name, also in Ohio.

Resources if you’re investigating Otterbein Cemetery in Franklin Co.

Another haunted Otterbein Cemetery, in Perry County, OH

There’s also an Otterbein Cemetery in Darke County and one in Marion County, Ohio.

Originality – The person who filmed this didn’t let her video skills hold her back. Though the quality isn’t great, the information and the impressions I got from this video made it intriguing.  It’s also thought-provoking, because I’m trying to understand why I feel so certain that site is haunted… and has shadow people.


Credibility (Doesn’t really apply. This is mostly a “this is the cemetery and what’s known about its ghosts” video.)