Orb Moves Along Corridor Floor – FL

About “Real Ghost Security Cam Footage – Florida Condo” (above): This video could be real, not faked. How seriously you take it may depend on whether or not you believe orbs represent ghosts.

The video was filmed in a Florida condo. Other than that, we have no information.

One person commented that it’s a spider walking across the camera lens.  That’s possible, but it’d be a very odd coincidence because the orb seems to bump against the left wall, near the conclusion of the reprocessed portion of the video.

Likewise, the explanations that it’s a dog or a rat are possible, but the image is so blurry and apparently translucent, I’m not convinced it’s the explanation.  I can’t rule it out, because the orb does seem to run into — and bounce off – the left wall.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an orb do anything like that, in a video.

A fleck of dust is a possibility, as is the idea that the whole thing is a fake by someone skilled with video effects.

The person who posted this at YouTube gets points for not using cheesy music or stupid sound effects.  On the other hand… well, it’s yet another orb video.  It’s not a typical orb video, and that can tilt opinion in its favor or against it.

When I’m looking at orb videos, I look for things that don’t make sense.  For example, I want to see dust that defies gravity in a setting where it’s clear that no breezes were likely.  I’m not seeing anything impressive in this video.

Is it an orb?  Maybe.  Does that mean it’s a ghost?  Not necessarily.

The presentation leans in the direction of credibility (as opposed to something deliberately faked).  However, I’d need far more evidence to believe that site has repeated paranormal activity.






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