Old South Pittsburgh Hospital, Tennessee – EVP?

Tennessee’s Old South Pittsburgh Hospital is haunted. I’ve investigated the site informally… enough to know that it requires a strong stomach to explore at length.  However, this first video — by Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research, from Ohio — is a little too tidy and too informal for credibility.

My initial problem is the crystal-clear EVP.  The fact is, we hardly ever hear EVP like that, especially involving the exact same voice and absolutely no static or interruptions.  Unless this was processed to an extreme level before adding to the sound track, almost all of this EVP sounds like it was a prank, or it was added afterwards… and by one man.

The exceptions might be real EVP worth studying.

The following videos have more credibility. They’re among a series of videos — covering a 28-hour investigation (three nights) — at that same hospital.  The team members are part of Living Dead Paranormal, also from Ohio.

Update: All related videos were removed from YouTube, and I can’t find any of them on the Fourman Brothers’ (Living Dead Paranormal) website. That’s disappointing, but seems to happen often in this field. (If you find someone with a copy of that full episode, watch the investigation. It’s worth your time.)

Old South Pittsburgh Hospital looks like a normal medical facility, except that it was empty when I investigated the site.  It’s not creepy-old, it’s simply creepy.  Except that it lacks the usual visual cues, it could have inspired the Geoffrey Rush remake of The House on Haunted Hill.

  • The site’s energy is weird.  It’s not your normal haunted site.  It has a grisly aspect, lurking in the shadows.  I have no idea what it is, but I was uneasy when I was there.
  • My research suggests that bodies are buried on the site, in unmarked graves.
  • I’d expect almost any kind of phenomena there.  It’s not a site to explore with children, especially after dark.

I haven’t been inside the building (it was closed and looked abandoned, when I was there) nor have I taken part in any of their events.  However, if you’d like to investigate a site that’s more than a little strange — even among haunted places — Old South Pittsburgh Hospital is probably a site to visit.

All I can say is: Something is not right at that hospital, and it’s not your typical haunted site.  It feels like a gathering of shadow people… and I’m not convinced they’re actually “ghosts” in the classical sense.

I don’t think my reference to The House on Haunted Hill is misplaced.

Originality of the first video (by Cryptic Shadows) – Not much.  They were having fun.  I don’t think they intended it as a serious “ghost video.”


Credibility of the first video (by Cryptic Shadows) – The clear EVP raises questions about how it was recorded and filtered.  If that’s raw footage, someone (not necessarily the people in the video) was probably playing a prank.


However, I think the other videos — by Living Dead Paranormal — have enough credibility to place Old South Pittsburgh Hospital on your list of places to investigate.

And, as I said, I’ve been there when the hospital was mostly deserted.  No one was there to hype the ghosts or try to convince me it was haunted.  My feeling was: The hospital is haunted, including the grounds around it.  I haven’t been to any events there, so I can’t say whether they’re worth your time, but the site itself is good and creepy.

Of course, check accessibility to the site. I’ve heard that it’s now posted against trespassers, and under management by a group determined to keep vandals out.