Mental Work, PK, and Poltergeist Activity

Mental work, psychokinesis and poltergeist activity

ghostbatPoltergeist activity… is it ghostly? When objects fly across the room, stones rain from the skies, and TVs turn on and off… by themselves, is it paranormal?

Four explanations for poltergeist activity:

  1. A ghost caused the objects to move.
  2. A ghost worked in tandem with a living (and somewhat emotional) person. Their combined efforts remotely moved objects.
  3. It’s a psychological issue, and PK (psychokinesis) probably starts with a living person.
  4. Poltergeist activity? Ha! No, it’s always a prank. (I’ve witnessed enough dramatic poltergeist activity to laugh at that idea.)

Mental Work?

In the near future, a research project called Mental Work may tell us more.

Here’s the YouTube video.

I prefer the explanation (and demonstration) in the Euronews report:

You can participate in this experiment in Switzerland. They’re hiring: Mental Work.

What this means for ghost hunting

Psychokinesis (PK) – also known as telekinesis – could explain some ghost phenomena.

  • Someone could cause poltergeist activity. (Most people connected with poltergeist activity have no idea they’re part of it.)
  • When we ask the ghost to move the child’s toy, knock on a wall, or slam a door, maybe someone living controls it.
  • Is some form of electromagnetic energy involved? That could trigger EMF spikes and affect devices such as the Ovilus.
  • Likewise, a living individual could create the on-off “communications” we attempt with loosened contacts in flashlights.

Of course, these “could” possibilities are more theory than hard science.

Meanwhile, avoid skeptics’ mistake of insisting that anything that can be faked (or explained in normal terms), always is.

I’m not sure where this will lead us.

But, anything that clarifies what the mind can do – among the living or the dead – can help us better understand haunted places.

9 thoughts on “Mental Work, PK, and Poltergeist Activity”

  1. I currently have a ghost since around 3 years ago that haven’t stopped moving air and sound to talk the whole day and cause visuals. It doesn’t seem to be very friendly because with that it also causes many thoughts to get blocked while trying to study.

    It is as if it decided why not move air and sound to talk? It’s just that it’s more unfriendly verbally than not.

    It also seemingly is related to the extremely violent deaths of my closest pets since 2004. The latest animal to die was a parrot of 27 years, also 2 roosters, 4 hens. The first recent one was my female Siamese cat in 2004.

    It has made us become a little sick, but we manage to recover. I don’t know if I’m the only one that perceives them, and I’ll probably be able to manage the situation, but probably it will try to stay there forever.

    I’ve also seen people appear near cemeteries, teenage-looking and impeccable, but disappear like any other ghost. And I’ve seen some people I’ve personally known to apparently teleport with a mirror-like light that materializes on contact with the ground as well as others morphing into others or getting deformed.

    It all started after around 5 months of nonstop car noises and honks from my neighbors probably calibrated with those voices until I suddenly woke up one day listening to voices.

    Maybe they want to become visible to the world because of me making a big effort of maintaining a website about optimal software development from the lowest levels from scratch.

    You can write to me if you want at udocproject AT yahoo com if you want.

  2. P.S. The people I know that I’ve seen to teleport is tangible once they appear, and anybody can talk to them.

  3. The haunting of low fennel,by Sax rohmer is a story that is closest to a scientific explanation.This 1926 story may or may not be worth a thought,but these irish arthurs who were also authors,certainly had some insights.

    1. Vivek, I’m always grateful for the extraordinary (and extraordinarily good) links and resources you share. I was familiar with Price’s work, and I own a copy of “Confessions of a Ghost Hunter.” But, the New World Encyclopedia link pointed to several additional, relevant topics I want to study. Thank you!

  4. I personally know a very haunted place around a cemetery and a park outside the USA.

    You can see my YouTube channel (“video ID” LRgS1SMYK5w) and look for “ghosts” within my uploaded videos. I recorded the location of a place where I saw a real appearing/disappearing ghost running to me, for the first time.

    I once went there at around 2:30 AM looking for someone I didn’t know where she lived. I saw a lot of people, but probably most of them were ghosts. I got attacked too, I felt that they were attacking my whole neck and throat, I felt some male ghost talk gibberish to me and grab me as trying to choke me.

    I think that if you go there by foot, those ghosts will be dramatically much more likely to appear at least at that place as they will probably have a chance to follow anyone going by foot.

    You could probably want to go to that place to investigate. You will probably find people appearing and running behind you, disappearing just before touching you. I wish I had taken a camera with me. The camera could very probably have been capable of capturing those disappearing persons. It’s located in El Salvador, Santa Tecla, I guess it’s very dangerous to go there frequently at that time due to criminals, but you could probably find a way to send people safely there to investigate. Something tells me that it’s a place that is considerably more active/intense than others you might have seen from the first visit, within minutes.

  5. Fiona, ‘just remembered the date september 22/23 from ME,same date as mentioned in ‘Low Fennel’.My own experience is that the whole of 2nd half of September is transitional period of slide.

    1. Brilliant, Vivek! I hadn’t noticed this. Thank you!

      Also, I agree with you about the second half of September. But, I’ve never been sure if I felt that way because my birthday is in September, and – for me – it’s always a “fresh new year” after that.

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