[MA] Haverhill Hilldale Cemetery – Ghosts Report (2009)

This was a May 2009 charity ghost hunting event. Turnout was large, especially thanks to community support for haunted (and neglected) Hilldale Cemetery.

Though this article is a summary of the event, I hope it will give you insights about Hilldale’s potential for serious paranormal research.

Thomas Spitalere and the Essex County Ghost Project opened the evening with a short discussion about Hilldale Cemetery.

After that, I presented a brief workshop about ghost hunting. (Gavin Cromwell had to cancel at the last minute.)

Then, we dashed to Hilldale Cemetery and split into groups for our investigations.

What made this event especially memorable were the many gifted psychics and sensitives among the guests.

Just a few feet from our cars, many people were already sensing energy in what looked like a field.

Then, Thomas Spitalere explained that our insights were correct; we were standing in the middle of the paupers’ graves, generally unmarked.

Hilldale grave - Haverhill, MA
One Hilldale grave, eerie even in daylight

Throughout the night, the exchange of information was fascinating.  We shared our thoughts about the energy we detected, and the result was a very cohesive picture of each “hot spot” in the Haverhill’s Hilldale Cemetery.

Light rain finally interrupted our explorations, but the evening had nearly concluded anyway.

As we walked back towards our cars, we were rewarded with a unique sight:  An ice cream truck had arrived.   That was one of the best moments, ever, in my many years of ghost hunting.  (More large summer events should schedule an ice cream truck. It was very welcomed.)

We returned to our meeting place, the Sons of Italy Hall in Haverhill, and swapped questions, answers and stories.

It was one of the best investigations I’ve ever been on, and the participants made all the difference.

As of 2009, Haverhill’s Hilldale Cemetery had not been “over-investigated,” the ghostly energy was still fresh, and it was a superb (and large) location for investigations.

(It’s still a worthwhile research site. See a 2017 newspaper article about this cemetery and other haunts around Haverhill: Haunted in Haverhill.)

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