Investigating? Try anything

Remember, we don’t know anything about ghosts. We’re guessing, based on the data we’ve collected scientifically, psychically, spiritually, from history and from folklore. Sure, we think we’re correct about most of it, but it’s vital to remain open-minded about all possibilities.

I’m not sure who first experimented with EMF meters and discovered EMF spikes at haunted sites. Likewise, cold spots were discovered by trial-and-error.

Orbs, other photographic anomalies, EVP… the list goes on & on. Though we talk about them in matter-of-fact terms today, researchers found them by saying, “What if?” and looking for patterns among anomalies.

We need to find more of these patterns and manifestations at haunted places. We’re still looking for answers. But, to find those answers, we need to ask more questions… and different ones.

So, try anything. In my article, EMF reality check, I talked about the possibility that some “ghosts” aren’t dead… not in their time period, which may be where they are when we sense or encounter them.

Maybe we’re connecting with them across a “wrinkle in time” (tesseract/wormhole), as Madeleine L’Engle described in her novel of the same name. It sounds far-fetched, but the more avenues we can explore, the better.

I’ve suggested this before, and I’ll continue to: Try anything you can think of.

Metal detectors, motion sensors, pH sensors, tools that measure air pressure, humidity, etc… try them all and look for more patterns.

Read and watch sci-fi and fantasy stories, and look for new ideas to test. (My “EMF reality check” article was inspired by a Torchwood episode, and the H. G. Wells novel, The Time Machine.)

At this point, it’s all trial-and-error research. Anything is possible! Don’t feel silly trying any measuring tool, no matter how unlikely.  Take notes.  Always take notes!
And, no matter what you find out, share that with others. The more data we can share, the faster we’re likely to make sense of hauntings.