Ghosts and Infrasound

Ghosts and Infrasound - ghost huntingMany researchers aren’t considering infrasound in their current paranormal research.

They should.

In my own studies, I’ve seen a high correlation between infrasound and certain types of paranormal reports.

It may be more than an explanation for some ghostly anomalies.

It may also be something we can use in our research.

Yes, I’m aware of equipment that generates infrasound. Some researchers (and at least one TV show) use it in their investigations.

The problem is the effect of infrasound on the investigators. Those low-level sound vibrations can cause people to feel anxiety or even hallucinate.

Here’s a Mythbusters test, from Episode 193 of their show. It makes some good points.

The Haunted Hum | MythBusters

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That 3-minute Mythbusters video is at:

As that video shows, you can be affected, even if you don’t think you hear anything unusual.

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That means noting underground streams, nearby highways, and bridges that might produce infrasound.

Of course, that leads us back to the tricky question: Just because ghostly phenomena can be explained by something normal, is that always the correct explanation?

If you’re using infrasound – or have noticed a correlation with haunted sites –  I hope you’ll share your thoughts & insights in comments, below.


If you’re new to infrasound and want to know more of the technical aspects, here a starting point: check this PDF: Infrasound and its affects on humans.

And, if you want to get very geeky about this, you may enjoy Vic Tandy’s theories, in this PDF.

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