The Infrasound Issue

Many researchers aren’t considering infrasound in their current paranormal research.

They should.

In my own studies, I’ve seen a high correlation between infrasound and certain types of paranormal reports.

It may be more than an explanation for some ghostly anomalies.

It may also be something we can use in our research.

Yes, as of 2017, I’m aware of equipment that generates infrasound. Some researchers (and at least one TV show) use it in their investigations.

The problem is the effect of infrasound on the investigators. I’m not convinced they can discern how they may feel anxiety or even hallucinate when exposed to infrasound.

Sure, it’s great TV, but it’s not serious research.

If you’re using infrasound and have more insights, I hope you’ll share them in comments, below.

If you’re new to infrasound and want to know more, here a starting point: check this PDF.

(And thank heavens for the Wayback Machine, so we have access to these kinds of “vanished” reports.)

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