Where Can I Find Information about Ghosts?

Ocean-born Mary's grave, Henniker, NHQ. Where can I find information about ghosts?

If you are interested in ghosts and want more information, you’ll need to to narrow your focus.

If you want to know what a haunting is really like, I recommend the old (1963) version of the movie, The Haunting. More recent movies and TV shows don’t often convey what it is really like when you encounter a ghost.

If you want to find a ghost, start with my article, Find Local Ghosts. Almost every area has a wealth of ghost stories. The challenge is to find out which are true, and that is why we investigate sites that are supposed to be haunted.

If you want to know what a ghost is, that is anyone’s guess. So far, nobody has proved that ghosts even exist. We know that strange things happen in places that are supposed to be haunted, but that’s as good as it gets… for now.

Although ghosts seem to be the only explanation, we can’t prove anything to someone who’s determined to be a skeptical critic.

If you want to read ghost stories, I include many at this website, usually by location. I wrote most (not all) of the articles at this site, and my stories are based on my own research.

You can also find very good ghost stories at other websites, and in books at your public library.

If you have ghost stories to share, there are many websites that invite readers to submit stories whether they are true or not. Some are better than others.

Here are a few I found with a quick search of Google. I did not verify the value of any of them, or if any are currently accepting readers’ stories.

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