Helping Ghosts – My Time Limits

Recently, someone asked me why I don’t spend more time helping “trapped” spirits.

That’s a two-part question.

The main reason is about the focus of my work.

I identify haunted sites, particularly places that are open to the public.

I also discover and/or refine paranormal research techniques.

What I do is unique, and I need to focus on that.  That may sound selfish, but I know where my efforts can do the most good.

Every time I identify a new site, at least dozens of teams will visit it.

  • Many of them will conduct more in-depth research to learn more about the site and its ghosts.
  • Some will visit specifically to help the spirits there.

As a psychic, I could take more time to help spirits one-on-one.  However, that feels like squandering my talents.  (I hope that doesn’t sound too self-important. I’m trying to be objective about this.)

It’s all in the numbers

By identifying haunted sites and improving research techniques, my efforts are multiplied many times.

Hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people visit each haunted site I identify.  At least one of them may help any trapped spirits.

So, the more sites I can identify — and the faster I do so, accurately — the more spirits may be helped.

In fact, that’s why I’m working on books, including my ley lines book. I want to teach others my research techniques, so they can expand the work that I’m doing.

It’s also why I wrote the article, Using History to Find Haunted Sites.

I want to show people exactly how I find unknown and under-reported haunts.

My focus is on what I can do, uniquely, and how it can be scaled for broad use in the field.

Likewise, I document every on-site research method I discover or improve. That way, my work is multiplied.  More people can use those methods to contact spirits that need help. Also, more teams can help frightened people living in haunted houses.

When I weigh that against how much help I can provide, doing one-to-one work with spirits… well, my efforts are best spent in the R&D side of this field.

But then there’s the other side of this question. That’s how effective I am, trying to help spirits to “cross over.”

In the past, I spent more time with spirits

In the 1990s, when I worked on individual cases, I did try to help spirits myself.

Over the years I learned: If I made no progress within 10 or 20 minutes, there was no point in continuing. This was proved over and over again… to the frustration of my team members.

Maybe the spirit wasn’t ready.  Maybe I wasn’t patient enough.  Maybe there just wasn’t rapport between us.  The “maybe” list could go on & on.

The fact is, others have better success with that kind of work.  That’s why I always included adept psychics in my team.  Their primary job was to contact spirits and — if possible — help them.

However, we ran into the same issue:  The work seemed to take hours.

After the first hour or so, it was difficult to find any team member who’d cheerfully remain with the psychic, but I won’t leave anyone alone during investigations.

I have tremendous respect for people who are willing and able to do that kind of work.  I’m very grateful for all that they do.

However, not everyone is good at that work, and that’s as it should be.  This field is so unexplored, we need experts with a variety of talents.

TV shows and the growing online audience

Once “Ghost Hunters” appeared on TV, this field expanded quickly.  At that point, my ghost-related articles had been in print for over a decade, and online since the mid-1990s. From a few hundred daily visitors in 1999 to where this site is now… it’s been a whirlwind.

As of early 2010, I could count on at least 70,000 unique visitors to, every month.  That’s a lot of people, and most of them stayed to read about ten articles.

Since then, ghost hunting has become more focused. People looking for a quick thrill or a “good scare” have looked elsewhere. That’s a relief. Those still researching ghosts are more serious about this subject.

I’m grateful to have this platform to share what I’m learning.  My efforts are multiplied many times.

I’m a researcher. I find new sites to investigate.  I fine-tune our research techniques. In books and articles, I report what I discover.

I leave the spiritual aspects — helping ghosts “cross over” — to people more gifted in that aspect of this work.

That’s a personal decision. Individuals and teams may make other decisions based on the time available, their talents, and their interests

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