Haunted New England colleges


Columbia University
Photo courtesy Momos. (That’s Columbia University, not MIT.)

If you believe the stories, almost every college is haunted.

Most college theatres (for the drama department) have at least one ghost story.

From our experience, many of these stories are true. There are good reasons why colleges have ghost stories… and ghosts.

(See my article about college ghosts for more information.)

Here are just a few “haunted” colleges in New England and vicinity.

(If you know of others that are profoundly haunted (not just a single ghost encounter), please let us know.  Use the Contact Form linked above.)


New Haven – Yale University, Woolsey Hall. A ghostly organist plays music in this hall, and it has been heard by students and staff alike.


Boston – Charlesgate Hall. Since 1996, this has been a private residence. However, during its many years as a college dorm, it was haunted by several ghosts, including a student who reportedly hung himself in the stairwell.

To get there: Turn onto Beacon Street from Massachusetts Avenue (”Mass Ave”) and head west. You are immediately in the Back Bay region, near Charlesgate Hall. (We choose not to be more specific than that.) Please do NOT disturb the current owners.

Cambridge – Harvard University, Thayer Hall. This building was once a textile mill. Today it is visited by ghosts in Victorian clothing, sometimes seen entering and leaving the building through doors that no longer exist. Most actively haunted in winter.

To get there: Go to Cambridge’s Harvard Square, and get a map of the campus. Really. That’s the easiest way to find it.

Cambridge – Lesley University. Sprawling and rapidly-expanding Lesley University (in North Cambridge) has reports of a ghost in one of the buildings on Avon Hill. Can anyone fill in the details…?

Devens – Fort Devens, Hale Hall (Military Intelligence School). No longer used as a military base, the top floor of this school building was reportedly haunted.

To get there: Take Rte. 2 west past the town of Harvard. “Devens,” formerly called Fort Devens, is being redeveloped, but much of it is still isolated and eerie. Lovely scenery nearby, worth the drive in foliage season.

Haverhill area (the town of Bradford) – Bradford College. Several ghosts and haunted areas, including: Academy building, second floor; Danforth, upstairs; Greenleaf Hall, top floor; Tupelo East and Tupelo West. Read about our March 2000 investigation at Summary: Ghosts at Bradford College.

To get there: From Rte. 3 or Rte. 95, take Rte. 495 towards Haverhill. From Exit 48, you will be turning left at the intersection. Ask directions, and whether or not the site is open to visitors.

New Hampshire

New London – Colby-Sawyer College, Colgate Hall. A male ghost in a hat appears at Colgate Hall, a woman walks the halls of Best dorm, and more.

For more information, read Ghosts of Colby-Sawyer College and related pages.

To get there: Take Rte. 93 north to Rte. 89, exit at New London, NH. Colby-Sawyer is on the main street. Colgate Hall this the large building in the center as you approach, and it is where the college’s main offices are.


Burlington – University of Vermont This large college has reported at least two haunted buildings: Converse Hall, and Bittersweet House.

To get there: Take Rte. 89 north, exit at Hwy. 7 in Vermont, near Lake Champlain.

For more information about haunted colleges, some of these pages may still be online. (Sadly, many ghost websites appear and disappear even more often than their subjects do. Mine is one of the few paranormal websites to survive over 15 years.)

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