New London, NH – Colby-Sawyer College ghosts, part two


Colgate Hall, Colby-Sawyer College ghosts

Is New Hampshire’s Colby-Sawyer College haunted? I have seen the ghost at Colgate Hall, in the middle of the New London campus.

This story has been republished, elsewhere, but this is the original. And, it’s my unique story.

My story starts with Colby-Sawyer College’s ghosts – Part one (Read that first.)

Here, my story continues:

About a week and a half later, I saw him again. He wore the same hat, but I think he wore a suit instead of the flowing coat. His hat was similar to the one Alec Guinness wore at the end of “Murder By Death,” but not quite so large.

This time, I approached him from the library, close to Colgate Hall. I could see him clearly in the fading afternoon light.

I glanced both ways before crossing the slim drive that separated the library/cafeteria building from the Quad, and stepped onto the grass. When I returned my gaze to Colgate Hall, he was still there. Then the man faded from sight. It was as if I watched him evaporate slowly.

This probably took no more than one or two seconds total, but it was a startling experience.

I shook my head and literally rubbed my eyes.

At other times, before and especially after this, I saw something vanish from the tower at Colgate Hall (in photo below) as well. That happened a few times, but I figured it was just the light or something. And it may have been.

However, this fading man in the hat baffled me. It never crossed my mind that he was a ghost, and despite my doctor’s protests, I demanded glasses a few months later. It’s not that the vanishing man was a major event in my life, but I did worry about my vision. It remained a mystery that faded from my memory just as the ghost did on that autumn day in 1969.

However, collecting ghost information for this website, I found reference to a ghostly man in a hat at Colgate Hall. It was one of those “ah-ha” moments for me, solving a mystery that had remained in the back of my mind these past 30 years.

To learn more about the history of the college, visit their official site. Colby Junior College, now called Colby-Sawyer College, is in New London, NH about half an hour from Dartmouth College. Colby-Sawyer is not affiliated with Colby College in Maine.

Although I am an alumnus of Colby-Sawyer College, my information on this webpage does not represent the college in any way, or its opinions on ghosts and spirits, officially or unofficially.

However, my experiences were real, as reported above. This is not a fictional “ghost story.”

For more tales and ghostly folklore from this college, see More ghosts of Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH.


*This story was reported — without admitting that this website was the source — in the “Everything Ghost Hunting Book.”

Ms. Ellis told the story as if she’d interviewed me, when — in fact — the story was simply copied without credit. She never contacted me, before or after the book was published. As far as I know, I’ve never met her in real life, either.

When someone plagiarizes one story, it makes me question how credible their other “ghost stories” are.

However, in this case, the story is true… just not honestly reported in her book.

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