Halloween 2020 – Ghost Hunting Tips

Halloween 2020 - ghost hunting advice

2020…? Wow. What a challenging year we’ve had!

Yes, we’re dealing with a pandemic that prevents many of us from investigating our favorite haunts.

Despite that, with sensible precautions – masks, social distancing, and so on – this Halloween might provide better ghost hunting than past years.

Why? Mostly, it depends on how much you trust folklore.

I’m not sure I’d take this seriously, but it may be worth exploring, anyway.

According to folklore…

Halloween is one of the two most haunted nights of the year.

Halloween will be on Saturday. That’s one of the most convenient evenings for many of us, to get together for research.

In 2020, that’s also the night of the full moon, when folklore suggests that ghosts are more prevalent.

In addition, we’re in a Mercury Retrograde. That’s an astrological twist, and it’s famous (or infamous) for communications and mechanical problems… but – apparently – it’s also ideal for revisiting the past.

It’s that latter part – revisiting the past – which may improve your ghost hunting. (Even better: Mercury Retrogrades happen several times a year. Let me know if you seem to get better results during them.)

Also, if you’re familiar with farmers’ traditional beliefs and “planetary hours,” this Halloween – since it’s on a Saturday – may deliver an extra boost of paranormal energy shortly after sunset.

Of course, Covid-19 temporarily makes some sites off-limits for ghost hunting.

Personally, I’m avoiding indoor sites and crowds. (Even Salem, Massachusetts is asking tourists to stay away.)

But, with a very small team and being mindful of social distancing, some haunted cemeteries, battlefields, and other outdoor locations may be ideal for this year’s Halloween evening.

Happy Halloween!

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