Gilson Road Cemetery, NH – Research Map

Thumbnail map of Gilson - click to see, largerGilson Road Research Map

Click on the map or the link below it to see a hand-sketched map of the cemetery and the areas with the strongest paranormal activity.

Note: There is one error on this map, where I indicated the wrong name.  However, the locations and activity indications are accurate.

For my articles about the cemetery’s ghosts, see Ghosts at Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH.

4 thoughts on “Gilson Road Cemetery, NH – Research Map”

  1. Was reading about Gilson Road Cemetery and was very interested in the sketch map of the cemertery, but I cannot access it. Would love to see the map!

    1. Hi, Christine!

      Thanks for telling me about this. I’m still working on restoring the site after the server crash, and I hadn’t realized that the map was missing. I’ll fix that right away.

      Thanks again for letting me know.


  2. Try clicking on the link “Gilson Road Research Map” instead of directly on the map. If you click directly on the map, you only get a partial map that is too small to read.. But if you click on the link instead of the map, you will be able to hover over the small map that comes up to see that it is clickable again. Go ahead and click again, and the map will become large enough to read who is buried where, etc. While this will let you know where the bodies are, you won’t be able to rotate the map. However, it ends up that Fiona arranged the map so the names read horizontally when the map is on its side. I hope this helps! It might also be the case that you can do something creative with the map, by — I don’t know — using QuickTime or Windows Player, etc. Some of those programs have a “rotate” option.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Eli!

      I need to update and correct the Gilson map, and I’ll be doing that in connection with my upcoming book about Gilson Road Cemetery.

      Meanwhile, your advice is great.

      Thanks again!


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