Gilson Road Cemetery, NH – Ghostly Mist

First photo
Second photo (less than a second later)

Fiona’s notes: These are two photos taken 26 Nov 1999 at Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH. We took them with a Fuji disposable Quicksnap camera, with 800 ASA film in it. I took these photographs about five seconds apart.

Ignore the apparent “orbs.” It was already becoming a foggy night when these pictures were taken.

If they were “ghost orbs,” we have no way of knowing.

As the evening progressed, the orbs in the photos became thicker and more numerous.

I think they’re just reflections off the saturated air, but I’m not sure. Except for slight color differences which pique my interest, the orbs in these photos look almost like the actual orbs taken on very dry evenings.

However, the thick mist swirling around the stones in the second photo… that’s something else. Lovely image, and nicely eerie. (See the strangest part of it, enlarged, at What Is This?)

Does mist really come up this quickly on a still night? I mean, in five seconds or less? I have no idea. Is this an anomaly? Again, I can’t say.

Nothing surprises me during my visits to this very haunted cemetery.

Okay, let me rephrase that: The ghostly images I perceive of an Indian massacre in the woods behind this cemetery distress me, but don’t surprise me.

2012 update:  If I exhaled while taking the second photo and the weather conditions were exactly right, that might explain the misty effect.

But, back in 1999, I was careful not to breathe between photos. I already knew not to breathe (or move), and always to take at least two photos in quick succession.

Could the second photo could be from me, exhaling..?

To me, that seems like a less than 1% possibility. But, in the interest of total honesty in ghost hunting, I have to admit the possibility.

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  1. It’s good to debunk as much as possible; that’s what good paranormal people do, rather than put up blurry photos and videos, then get all huffy when people call them out, stating that they couldn’t be ghosts.

    Interesting pics and article too.

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