Gilson Road Cemetery, NH – Ghost Orb (2002)

On the evening of 21 May 2002, I visited Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH, to experiment with photographs.

My goal was to take photos with normal, false anomalies (insects, pollen, etc.) to show students in an upcoming class.  Unfortunately, almost all of my orb photos from that night… they’re paranormal.

Using a digital camera, I took just two “regular” photos after dusk. One has no anomaly:

The next one has an orb-type anomaly:

Many people have asked me if that’s a “smiley face” in the second photo. It’s not. Enlarged, here’s how it looks:

I use this photo to illustrate the qualities that separate rain orbs, pollen orbs, etc., from the orbs that we consider anomalies, or “ghost orbs.”

When the Tanglewood Estate was first moving in, anomalies weren’t reliable at Gilson Road Cemetery.  Frankly, I expected all ghostly activity to stop, since the area had changed from being very rural to being very… well, suburban.

The good news is, after the biggest changes were over, Gilson’s orbs returned:

Remember: Always take two photos in a row.  If  you can, remain completely still and don’t even breathe between photos.

If there’s an identical orb in both photos, you can probably assume that it’s a reflection.

If orbs are in just one, and the orbs aren’t insects or pollen, and there was no explanation at the time,  I’d assume it’s an anomaly.

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