Gilson Road Cemetery, NH – Ghost Orbs Return (6/02)

This article is from June 2002, and it was a simple update about what was happening at Gilson Road Cemetery, as the surrounding landscape changed and a subdivision moved in.

Gilson Rd Cemetery sign
The old Gilson Road Cemetery sign.

We visited Gilson Road Cemetery in June 2002, to check the cemetery and update the rest of the team.

This was when Tanglewood Estates was just starting to move in, across the street from Gilson Road Cemetery.

Three of us visited the cemetery at dusk. The Gilson Road Cemetery sign had been cut off with a saw. A new iron gate was on the uprights at the entrance.

Gilson Rd Cemetery - iron gate
New gate at Gilson Road Cemetery, already vandalized.

What else has changed:

  • Cold spot observed slightly above Joseph Gilson stone, with compass anomalies moving from the headstone towards the NW (to the next headstone).
  • More slightly visible anomalies.  We’d worried that the subdivision was going to drive away the ghostly anomalies.  So far, it hasn’t.
  • The “movie” was playing again, with some changes, if you’re psychic. (See our pages about Gilson Road Cemetery – November 1999 for more about the battle, or “the movie” as we later called it.)
  • Woodland animals were chattering and noisy in the surrounding area. We didn’t hear them that much before the subdivision moved in.  I got the idea that they weren’t happy about being displaced from their previous homes and hunting grounds.

Don’t take my word for it: See the October 2000 (Halloween week) article in the Nashua Telegraph for this phenomenon, as reported by a skeptic.

Tanglewood Estates
Tanglewood Estates, a shiny new subdivision built across the street from Gilson Rd. cemetery.

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