Ghosts – Why Do Banishing Routines Work?

Earlier this week, a writer asked me why people use banishing techniques (sea salt, sage smudges, etc.) to get rid of ghosts.

Here’s part of reply to her:

Of course, people don’t actually “get rid of” ghosts.

The ghosts (or things that seem like a haunting) just stop bothering them so much.

In other words, I don’t think anyone kills or banishes a ghost… not completely.  (I don’t believe that a spirit can be completely destroyed or eliminated.  I think the energy continues in some form. Views vary among religions.)

Tools such as sea salt, smudging, rice, turned shoes, etc…?  I have no idea why these techniques work. Maybe we’ll figure it out once we better understand quantum mechanics.

For me, this subject is lumped into the same category as why “correspondences” seem to work.

In other words, I think something taps into quantum laws that transcend reality (and worlds) as we perceive them from our side.

My other theory regarding sea salt, smudging and — weirdly, using a loud vacuum cleaner — relates to filling the environment with a sensory experience that the spirit doesn’t like. Or, perhaps the sensory elements push the undesirable energy out…?

It’s just a guess, and far from anything scientific.

Those methods have been documented (some, for centuries) as effective, and I’ve seen some of them work in real life.

Use shoes to repel ghosts
Set your empty shoes, heel to toe.

Turning my shoes in opposite directions worked at The Myrtles Plantation. To me, that’s even weirder than its ghosts.

A lot of these getting-rid-of-ghosts practices are rooted in mythology. Perhaps these tried-and-true methods have been around long enough to appear in really ancient tales.

Note: They seem to work with ghosts, full stop.

As far as I know, salt and sage smudges won’t help with UFOs/abductions. Also, I’ve found no record suggesting that these methods banish good energy from spiritual sites or churches.

Logic..? I won’t pretend that any exists.  Proof…? Ditto.

All I know is that these things keep getting rave reviews from people who try them.

Salt photo credit: bruno sersocima, Brazil

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One thought on “Ghosts – Why Do Banishing Routines Work?”

  1. There are so many evil persons in society and we can’t do anything to stop and banish them,banishing spirits is shadow boxing a kind of psychedelic effect to confound the live persona who really emanates evil.What i have surmised over the years is that the person who seems to be evil, sinister, or ominous is infact a tool of destiny and what is destiny? it’s the simulation we are living in.The victim who suffers and dies due to the evil of such a tool may in fact be shifted to an alternate and more benign universe, a la mandela effect.

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