Haunted Texas and Its Ghosts

Texas is a huge state with many hauntings.

If you’re looking for ghosts, you’ll find them easily in Texas. From strange lights — including “bluelight” cemeteries — to eerie tales of the early West, there are all kinds of ghosts throughout this huge state.

Mostly, my Texas research focused the Houston area, where we lived from mid-2003 through early 2008.

I verified many local legends, debunked a few others, and found some great unreported sites as well.

For an overview of the city’s most popular ghosts, as well as my earliest reports, see Ghosts of Houston, Texas

However, Houston is just one city in a huge state. Here are a few of my reports about other Texas hauntings.

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Below: Photo taken at Galveston Old City Cemetery, B’way, Galveston, TX.

In this photo, you’ll see a bright light at the upper left, and a second spot at the lower right where it apparently highlights a grave.

When I took this photo, it was entirely pitch black out. The orange-ish light in the distance is a street light; it was the only light we could see that night, and it did not affect this photo.

It’s possible that the light at the lower right is a reflection from a bug. The upper left light cannot be explained.

We went back to that cemetery, after I’d seen this photo, to see if anything could have been overlooked… a streetlight, a low-flying airplane, something reflective… but there was nothing at all.

We did not see any lights except the distant street lamp when we took this photo. The light at the upper left — and possibly its highlight on the grave at the lower right — are anomalies.