Podcast: Are Shadow People Dangerous?

Are you worried about shadow people?

I created this 11-minute podcast to accompany my article at Ghosts101.com:  Are Shadow People Dangerous?

During the podcast, I talk about several topics, including:

  • Shadow people (v. fleeting shadows)
  • “Hat Man” and why he’s different
  • An odd shadow form seen in 2009
  • Protection for paranormal researchers

Ghosts 101 – Are Shadow People Dangerous?

This is a podcast by Fiona Broome, created to accompany the Ghosts101.com article, Are Shadow People Dangerous? In this 11-minute podcast, Fiona discusses shadow people, “Hat Man,” and protection for ghost hunters and other paranormal researchers.

Is Your House Haunted? bookIn the podcast, I mention the shadow person I saw – and photographed – in Laconia, NH: Laconia, NH’s Ghostly Places, and the photo of the man in a hat, at the former bank in Old Town Spring, TX.

Books I mention: Paranormal Parasites, by Nick Redfern, and The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide: Protection Techniques for Encounters with the Paranormal by Michelle Belanger.

This podcast is also available at HollowHillPodcasts.com (hosted by Libsyn).

7 thoughts on “Podcast: Are Shadow People Dangerous?”

  1. I like this podcast way of doing thing, Fiona. I suck at reading, and it is easier for me to listen to that sexy voice of yours while I’m playing a game, or doing something else. I think that you could get dudes to pay you to listen to you talk, if you know what I mean…

    1. Mark, your sense of humor always gets me laughing. And right now, I’m laughing a lot.

      On a far more serious note, I appreciate your feedback about reading. Many of my articles are super-long (because I’m such a geek about these topics), and I’ve wondered how many people actually read all of what I write. I mean… to be honest, I’m not sure I would.

      So, your insights are useful. And I think I’m going to start posting more of my articles as podcasts, as well as text.

      Thank you!


      1. You’re welcome. Now you have me laughing. I thought it was funny for you to say that you’re not sure that you would read your own articles. I’ll admit that I don’t usually read the whole articles, only because, once again, I suck at reading. Still, there’s good stuff in there, and, for me, at least, it is easier to listen than to read. I’m glad to hear that you’ll be posting more as podcasts. I hope it is not too much trouble to you.

        1. Hello again, Mark, and I’m so glad you get my humor. The more I’ve thought about your comments – about reading v. listening – the happier I am about creating podcasts from my articles.

          Yes, they can be time-consuming to record, but only if I listen to myself and mutter – perhaps channeling my high school English teacher – “Enunciate, enunciate!” … and then I feel like I have to record it all over again, but better.

          Once I get back in “podcasting mode,” I’m pretty sure I’ll get past my irritating perfectionist issues. I’m also pretty sure I’ll break up some of my longer articles into shorter ones, so the podcasts don’t go on, and on, and on. (Writing that, I’ll admit I suddenly had music by “Journey” in my head…)

          Mostly, I’m delighted that you suggested this, because anything that makes my research/insights more accessible is a very good idea. Thank you!

          P.S. I think I’ve fixed the podcast software glitches, so this article (and the MP3) will remain here now.

  2. I was reading on another blog and they said they thought Shadow People sightings were increasing, and then they have lots of stories readers have sent in. I love sighting stories! I think visitors from other dimensions makes the most sense. They might be people from another universe who have recently invented interdimensional travel, which would explain why there have been more sightings lately. What if it’s some sort of amusement attraction at a traveling carnival, where people go inside and visit our dimension, but can only half manifest as shadows? Maybe they advertise it as “be a ghost, and scare the snot out of people.” 😀 Or maybe we all look like shadows to them, and they’re just as scared of us. It could have been a portal that just popped up, maybe one that people are entering into accidentally. So many fun possibilities.

  3. I’ve heard of people seeing “projections” of deceased loved ones or not so loved ones. They’ve been described as one dimensional and like a photo or drawing. They see them only for a short time and then they disappear. This is something I don’t see reported, but I’ve heard accounts of these. The only thing that I can find documented that’s anything like this phenomenon is from the Versailles time slip reported and written by the two professors, Moberly and Jourdain. One of the women described the wooded area and the few people they saw as looking like a tapestry. I’m sure she used that word because there were no projectors in those days as far as I know. Have you or anyone you know ever heard of someone seeing something like this?

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