Ghost in the Window, NH

Our friend Annie brought us this picture, taken by a friend of hers. She wanted us to see the figure in the window.

Right away, I saw the small — perhaps winged — figure in the left lower corner of the window. She has wavy hair, and she’s looking across the landscape, perhaps slightly down.

Nice, but… Who knows what these things really are? The figure isn’t distinctive enough to be significant, but it’s a charming photo anyway.

Then I enlarged just that portion of the window.

This is still reading into what may be simple reflections, but look at the right side of the photo. It looks like an enormous face of a cat. There’s a huge cat’s eye in the middle of the lower curtain area.

I’m not saying that this is the image of a girl trapped in an abandoned New Hampshire house, held captive by something with a wicked gleam in its eye.  However, it’s one possible explanation.  It’s just not the happiest one, and I don’t think that’s the real story.  I’m sensing loneliness but not terror or even significant fear, but I could be wrong.

No matter what else this is, it’s an intriguing image.

10 thoughts on “Ghost in the Window, NH”

  1. Above the girls head do you see the other face? It is sinister looking with a long pointy chin.

  2. That’s startlingly clear, now that I look at the photo again. Thanks for posting this comment!

  3. On the right of the girl (when celticautmn74 mentioned the sinisterpointy-chinned man) It looks like a Skull and from a farther distance, it looks like a face that’s mouth is open and staring right through the picture. It looks abit like a ‘demon’ screaming or gaping.
    And the pointy chinned man (my cousin was watching me, and thought it was this character) kinda reminded me, too, of the sinister chatacter, Count Olaf.
    That’s alittle bit informative for the ghost in this photo right?

  4. There’s definitely something sinister in this photo, actually several things that are. You’ve pointed out some excellent additional images. Thanks!

  5. I think these are just reflections and our brains are programmed to see faces, even when there is no real face there. That said, does anybody else see the face of a chubby toddler in the top left of the enlarged photo? (Above the pointy face.)

  6. You’re right. There’s strong evidence that people unconsciously look for faces and other forms when they look at vague shapes. (Many of us developed this habit as children, studying clouds.)

    But, I can see the toddler’s face in the reflection, as well. It’s a little too general for me to say, “Yes, that’s definitely a child’s face,” but I can see what you’re looking at.

    I can also see a mask similar to the “V for Vendetta” mask. That makes me shudder, but I suspect that I’m seeing that image because I so recently watched the movie.

    Especially with photos, I always look for supporting evidence when I think that I see something unusual. In this case, I don’t have much backstory to go with the images. The house may be haunted (or not), but without evidence related to the images we see in the window… Well, I treat this as just an interesting photo.

    If anyone knows more about this house and if it has ghost stories, let me know.

  7. The more I look at it the more faces I see. I see kind of a horned face in the top left part of the window above the sinister face in the original photo. As well as faces in other windows. Probably just the reflections but interesting photo to say the least.

  8. Does anyone have an idea to why part of the girls face isn’t there? it’s odd how you can see the rest of the girl but not her nose or mouth instead it’s a black…hole?

  9. Didn’t see it at first, but when I looked again… that is very, very clear. I too can see the other faces. It’d be interesting to know wherabouts this was taken.

    1. Hello creaky, and thanks for commenting. Because that photo was taken at a private residence, we deliberately did not ask the location. (We try to respect people’s privacy and focus on haunted places that the public can visit.)

      That photograph was given to us by someone who’d researched with us in Nashua, NH. I’m fairly sure that the house is in New Hampshire, and probably within half an hour of Wilton, NH.

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