Ghost Hunting without Equipment

Ghost Hunting without costly equipment

Yes, you can go ghost hunting without costly ghost hunting equipment. In fact, you don’t need ANY equipment.

If all you do is visit a haunted site, you can encounter something eerie. Maybe even a ghost.

This is one of the first of my re-issued Hollow Hill podcasts.

Ghost Hunting podcast - Hollow HillIn this 16-minute podcast from November 2009, I talked about using your five (or six) senses to investigate haunted places. I also shared other ghost hunting tips.

Some things have changed in the eight years since I recorded this. (Okay, a lot has changed, but the info in this podcast is still valid, with a few notable exceptions.)

Today, if you just own a phone, you’re far ahead of where we were, back in 2000. Or even 2009. Or even 2019.

For example, your phone can take great ghost photos. You can use your phone to record EVP. You can use a free “ghost app” to identify active areas of any haunted site. (And yes, some of them are legit. I’ve seen them work.)

And so on.

Also, as of 2017, the K-II isn’t the only good EMF meter.

EMF Ghost MeterIn fact, right now (late 2017) I like the Ghost Meter better than the K-II. (Also, the Ghost Meter costs about half as much as a K-II meter.) In “seance mode,” the Ghost Meter been surprisingly accurate for yes/no responses.

(That’s one in a photo on the right. Mine has a clear case, not black. And yes, it is an “as seen on TV” product. Despite that, it seems to work as a real-time communication device. I’d trust it far more than, say, a loosened flashlight/torch.)

Also, the Ovilus is available again. It’s far more sophisticated than it was in 2009. As of 2017, I’m testing its accuracy in a variety of on-site and remote experiments. So far, I can confirm that the Ovilus III can work remotely, with about 30% accuracy. But it is expensive. You don’t absolutely have to have it.

Other than that, most of this 2009 recording is still good information.

Yes, I still experience frustration when people miss seeing apparitions and other ghostly phenomena. But, since 2009, I’ve learned to accept that some researchers are going to hyper-focus on their ghost hunting equipment… and miss real hauntings.

Maybe this podcast will help. (It’s from

First, I talked about the importance of looking around and listening. I described the kinds of evidence you might see and hear.

Then, I shared an easy way to make your hands more sensitive to “cold spots” and exactly how to find them.

I also described the best ways to use dowsing rods, and whether or not you should investigate “lights out” at indoor locations. (In most cases, there’s not much reason to work in the dark, but there are exceptions.)

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Podcast by: Fiona Broome, the founder of
Music: Zombie by Devin Anderson

8 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting without Equipment”

  1. I am a watcher . My sister Violet is one too. We can see ghosts I think they want help. I have many questions I hope you can answear

  2. ‘have never seen a ghost but even if they exist,they can’t be scary.Living people are certainly scary and vicious,they mostly target ill dressed bums.These people act alone when they have wheels under them,and prey in groups when they are loitering in dark shady places.But ghosts,i imagine,can’t be vicious,scary only if one gets scared by their mere presence.

    1. In general, I agree. Some ghosts seem to enjoy startling people, but that’s different from actually scaring them.

      However, there are other energies (or entities) that seem to have vicious natures, and some are malicious.

      That’s why I always try to make it clear: I’m researching things that fit the description of a ghost. (I maintain that we’re working with labels that describe phenomena; whether “ghosts” are actually/always spirits of the dead… that’s another matter.)

      If whatever-it-is seems to be dangerous, I leave. For me, this research should be fun. Risks should be limited to the occasional sprained ankle when the floor is rickety or the ground is uneven, and musty, dusty places where a respiratory mask is a prudent precaution.

      Anything coming through from another reality, or from the dark corners of our world…? No. I’ve learned to be watchful for the early signs of trouble, and pay close attention to my “gut reaction.”

      Startling is another matter. The best response (after the initial, sharp inhale) is often a raised eyebrow, and imagining yourself as an entity much larger and stronger than the petty spirit trying to alarm the living.

  3. I have photographed a few ghosts and mine are clear pictures not orbs I feel someone then I take a photo with my phone iv got a little girl in ruiton jail also a cloak off the floor with a skeleton face also a woman hanging from rails outside of cells at the same jail at Lancaster castle iv picked up a picture which I think is one of the Pendleton witches my pictures are not mists

    1. Sylvia, that’s fascinating! I’m certain that some people are especially gifted and able to take extraordinary (good) ghost photos.

      (I also think some people are especially gifted with EVP, or real-time yes/no answers with some devices, and so on. It’s as if we each have our own talents and strengths, and I believe it’s good to develop those. They can be tremendously helpful in our research.)

      The Pendleton witches intrigue me. Like stories of the Black Shuck, they’re unusual and consistent accounts of truly unusual encounters.

      Also, I really appreciate you taking the time to post this comment. Thank you!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  4. Hi. I have been using spirit sticks/ dowsing rods for the past 12 months during ghost hunts.
    I use them also during my psychic mediumship work/ readings. They are incredible at demonstrating energies with in a room and answering questions. Person holding the rods is amazed at the results.

    Equally my use of a homemade laser pendulum has a dramatic effect in the dark. Spirit children are drawn to this pendulum and like to spin it around as fast as they can. Both pieces of equipment are equally good at proving spirit within the chosen environment.

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