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If you’re interested in Fiona Broome’s videos about ghost hunting, the following are at her YouTube channel, and in related articles at her websites.

Paranormal Research (General)

Why Fiona is enthusiastic about paranormal research, and what makes her work unique.

Fiona Broome's ghost hunting videos

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Ghost Hunting – How-to

How to Make Your Own Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting -

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How to Use Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting (quick overview) -

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When to Go Ghost Hunting -

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Why Ghost Hunting? -

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Ghost Hunting - When Batteries Fail -

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Halloween Related

Is Halloween a Good Night for Ghost Hunting? -

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Ghost Hunting at Halloween -

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Older Ghost Hunting Videos (lower quality & resolution, from 2008 – 2010)

How to Find Haunted Cemeteries -
Ghost Hunting and Haunted Stairs -