Ghost Hunting? Leave Nothing! (And Consider a Checklist)

Leave nothing behind when you're ghost hunting!

How did a Canadian ghost hunting team make international headlines? It was a stupid mistake. The kind any of us could make.

And, though what happened to them was extreme, it’s why you should you double-check the site (and your backpacks) when the investigation is over.

It isn’t just about leaving behind expensive ghost hunting equipment.

The list could include food wrappers, muddy footprints, and anything else that wasn’t there when you arrived.

The rule – just like at hiking trails and campsites – should be “leave nothing behind.”

TL:DR summary: Before leaving a haunted investigation site, a ghost hunting team forgot to double-check their equipment. They left an EMF-related device behind.

Then, the police thought it was a bomb or a bomb triggering device. So, the police destroyed it with a water cannon.

A Cautionary Tale

“Paranormal investigators in Windsor, Ontario, say they’re sorry for getting the bomb squad involved after leaving a ghost-hunting device lying “around.

“This week, police were called to Mackenzie Hall, a historic building in west Windsor, after people came across a suspicious black box with a blue light and a red wire sticking out.

“Investigation revealed that a suspicious item was left in a room within the building,” police said in a news release. (As of July 2018, that news release seems to have been removed.)

… “Parker said she only realized what had happened after police called her to ask about the EMF sensor. She said police told her they evacuated the building, then destroyed the device when a bomb disposal robot blasted it with a water cannon.

“Parker said her group of seven ghost hunters is going to start using an equipment checklist on future investigations so as not to repeat the mistake.”

Read the full news article:

But Wait… There’s More!

Here’s another report. (I can’t imagine how embarrassed the ghost hunting team must be, to see so much negative publicity. They have my sympathy.)

Bomb Squad Scare Highlights Missteps of Modern Ghost Hunting

2 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting? Leave Nothing! (And Consider a Checklist)”

  1. Shiny blinking gadgets are not indicative of a bomb, [edited],and whoever tips it will be blasted to heaven.The reason these things don’t happen is, people aren’t sadistic and fond of wanton destruction, in most parts of the world.

    1. Sad but true, Vivek. (And, even more sad, I edited your comment so not to give anyone an idea of how to build a bomb that could work. Though what you said is both brilliant and possibly known to many, well… you know that, as a moderator, I err on the side of caution.)

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