Ghost Hunting Events – Get the Most from Them

Ghost hunting events can be great fun.  They can also be huge disappointments.

The difference can be how well you prepared for the event.

To get the most from a ghost hunting event, plan ahead.  Know exactly where you’re going, what to expect there, who’s speaking and leading investigations or tours, and the locations where you’re most likely to encounter a ghost.

Also prepare as if you’re going on a trip, even if the event is just across town.  Check your clothing, your equipment, your batteries, and so on.

I share my best suggestions in my report and worksheet, Ghost Hunting Events – Getting the Most from Them.  That’s a free, three-page PDF you can print and read, at home.

Looking for ghost hunting events?  Check some of these websites:

TAPS events

John Sabol’s Ghost Excavations

Troy Taylor’s American Hauntings Tours

Ghost Hunt Weekends

G.H.O.S.T.S. Annual events (CAN)

Fright Nights (UK)

Tudor World Ghost Vigils (UK)

Ghost Hunt Events (UK)

3 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting Events – Get the Most from Them”

  1. To pre-empt disappointment,i would suggest taking along thermos with coffee and packets of potato chips to go with them.And a flat bottle of 90 ml scotch with salted peanuts and of course a cigarette lighter and matches besides miniature led lights,a pen or coat button video camera and a simple compass.Though i believe that the small bottlette of scotch alone,will suffice to overcome any disappointment.

    1. LOL… if the investigation is that disappointing, I suggest leaving.

      However, the small video camera and a simple compass are good ideas. (The rest…? Not so good. Snacks, maybe. Alcohol, no. The lighter or matches might work in a dark maze-like setting if flashlights/torches fail, but otherwise: no.)

  2. Of course i wasn’t being serious,ghost hunting isn’t something to be flippant about.And it’s no picniking in a black sea resort either.i also know your incompatibility with alcohol,i don’t take it either simply because good scotch is quite expensive.

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