Ghost Hunting and Meals

Should you eat before ghost hunting?  Can a full (or empty) stomach affect your research results?

Answers will vary but, in general, it’s wise to eat a light meal or snack before leaving for an investigation.

If you’re hungry, you’re not at your best.  Worse, your growling stomach can affect EVP recordings.

At the other extreme, if you’ve eaten too much and you’re uncomfortable, you won’t be able to focus on your research.  Keep your team members in mind if your indigestion will be obvious to them, too.

Breath mints are a good idea if your meal featured onions or garlic.  A glass of tomato juice can also offset a poor dietary choice.

Speaking of garlic: Some people think garlic repels all entities, not just vampires.  I’m a garlic enthusiast, and — so far — that hasn’t affected my research.  Your results may vary.

Most exercise coaches and meditation experts recommend eating a large meal no closer than two hours before an activity.  Physically and mentally, that’s smart preparation for ghost research, too.

A light meal — particularly one with “live” food such as a salad — might improve your focus and research results.  For most evening investigations, I’ll usually eat a very light supper about an hour before the research begins.

Carry healthy, light snacks with you.  Sometimes, a ghostly encounter can deplete your own energy. Take a break. Restore your energy with healthy munchies.

  • Fruit juice can provide a quick lift. I like fresh squeezed (not from concentrate) orange juice. Others prefer apple juice or something nutrient-rich like blueberry juice.
  • Chocolate can settle nerves. Some people insist that chocolate counteracts excess negative energy at a haunted site.  However, monitor your sugar intake; the buzz can make you easily distracted.

It probably doesn’t need to be said: Never consume alcohol before or during an investigation.  That’s not just about weakened judgment and response times. Its caloric content can affect you as sugar does, too.

My basic suggestions are:

  • Eat lightly before conducting research.
  • During the investigation, healthy snacks can be helpful.
  • Staying hydrated — with water or juice — is important, too.

Join your team for a hearty meal — and discussion of your experiences — after you leave the research site.

That’s the best combination for most researchers.

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