Ghost Hunting Investigations… in Closets? You May Be Surprised

Ghost hunting investigations... in closets? You may be surprised!

Are you investigating haunted houses? Don’t overlook the closets! They may hide some of the site’s most important secrets.

This week, I was charmed by a CBS video about informal, modern-day archaeology.

Then I realized we could do this in many haunted locations, especially private homes and businesses, where the owners ask, “Who is that ghost?”

The video is less than three minutes long. I think it’s worth viewing if you’re actively involved in private investigations.

This kind of dig may not confirm anything.


  • It might provide more clues about the history of the site.
  • That could suggest a context for the haunting.
  • It could present useful triggers, too.

Try a little “informal archaeology” (with permission, of course). It’s something almost anyone can do.

You can include the site owners in this project, as well. (It might mean a lot to them, even more than it does to you.)

Since this kind of research is limited to areas like closets, it won’t disfigure the more visible parts of the home or business. That’s important.

(If you can’t watch that video, here’s a link to the related article: )

You may be surprised to see how historical clues could – literally – fall through the cracks.

If you try this (or have, in the past), I hope you’ll share results and insights. I’m very interested in whether this could be useful.

The site in the video is about 100 years old.

In other words, this kind of dig – with permission, of course – could be most useful at sites from the mid-20th century and earlier.