Port Townsend – Fort Worden, WA – the man in blue

One of Hollow Hill’s most popular real ghost photos was taken near the Guard House at Fort Worden, in Port Townsend, Washington, near Seattle on the night of April 4th, 2003.

When this photo was taken, colorful orbs and sparkles appeared all around me. Most of them were to my right and left, and I did not see them through the viewfinder of my camera.

I knew that I was getting some great photos that night in April 2003, but until I saw this print, I had no idea that I’d captured something this startling.Man in blue - Fort Worden ghosts, Port Townsend, Seattle, Washington

According to local legends, Port Townsend (near Seattle) is one of America’s most haunted towns. With Fort Worden–a former military base–plus the town’s colorful pirate history, you can expect ghosts… and plenty of them.

This real ghost photo was taken at Fort Worden’s haunted Guard House. Local stories claim that a soldier was assigned to the Guard House, but the loneliness of the work began to bother him. Whether it was carelessness or something else, the despondent soldier accidentally shot and killed himself at the Guard House.

His ghost lingers there today, and manifests often.

In two investigations, we found him to be a shy and sometimes angry ghost. This is our only clear photograph of him, taken during our 2003 investigation with artist, ‘Zanne B.

Read the full story of that investigation, with additional photos, in a two-part report starting at Fort Worden ghosts, part one

Fort Worden is a lovely park and conference center in Port Townsend, Washington State, about an hour from Seattle. Fort Worden is an ideal place to vacation, with a hostel and a campground on the property. Other haunted areas of the park include the Schoolhouse, the bunkers, and–maybe–the wooded area next to the cemetery.

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6 thoughts on “Port Townsend – Fort Worden, WA – the man in blue”

  1. Fort warden always had an eerie feeling to it. Especialy down at the bunkers. My next trip to Port Townsend I am going to visit Ford Warden State Park and take some pictures near the officers buildings and the bunkers. I know a lot of history of the old fort, It never seen major combat as part of the “Death Triangle” That consists of three forts that form a triangle over the Puget Sound, it has seen death.

    The upper bunkers are also just as creepy. There is a house up there that is very old and delapitated and is NOT wise to enter. That’s would be also considered TRESPASSING. I swore I have seen faint figures through the windows. I passed it off as my imagination since I was a lot younger then. But now, I want to take some photos of the old building to see if I can get something.

  2. We took a trip to Port Townsend and visited Fort Warden State Park. We drove around the park looking at some of the old buidings where permitted. We took a few photos just before dusk. Then drove down to the lower bunkers where we took several more photos. We didn’t realise just how dark it was getting when we saw the red and blue lights of the park ranger truck. Oops, we knew we’d better get out. The park ranger wanted to know which one of the cars I was driving out of the three near the trail head. I told him we were just leaving and didn’t realise the time. He had no problem with that. We then drove ouside the park and around to where the cemetery is and took a few more photos around the cemetery and the woods around it.

    Unfortunatly, nothing turned out in our photos except a few orbs, which could be anything from bugs, dust, or moisture floating in the air. It WAS a cold night.

    Our next trip to Fort Warden we’re going to do the guided tour and take pics then also.

  3. Fort Warden is a great place to visit. It’s easy to lose track of time there.

    My experiences with the park staff have been excellent. They’re generally nice people who enjoy sharing the park with others, especially people who are there to take photos.

    Good luck on your next visit! I highly recommend the parade ground, the guard house and the bunkers.

  4. Hi Fiona. First I hope you had a great Halloween or Hallos Eve.

    My uncle and I went back to Fort Warden State Park as he stated above. It was a disappointed trip. We caught a few orbs in the wooded area near the cemetery.

    My uncle mentioned that we were going to take a tour of the fort, however, they do not offer tours anymore.
    We had a better and more exciting time on October 30th. We went back to Haven of Rest as you segested eirlier. When I find the propriate place here I will post more about it. Great pics of ghosts playing with us and playing together.

    Thanks Fiona.

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