Everyday Ghost Hunting (Report, Mindmap)

Every day can be a fresh opportunity for discovering ghosts and haunted places.  You don’t need to wait for a special event, or find the perfect haunted location in some out-of-the-way place.  You may pass by haunted sites every day, and not realize it.

That little park near your home, office, or school… why is it there, instead of somewhere else? Was there a specific reason it wasn’t used as a building site?

When you’re downtown, what about historical plaques and markers?  People pass them daily, and don’t even realize they’re there.  Many tell stories that could suggest a haunting.

Ghost Hunting in Tilton, NHIn quiet, downtown Tilton, NH, a plain white apartment building was once a hotel, and welcomed famous guests like Edison, Ford, and Firestone.  It had also been a rooming house for factory workers.

Though I found no ghost stories there, I wondered what other, unassuming sites might have equally colorful histories and have ghosts.

Researching a midwest site, I learned about a nearby, noted Native American mound. It had been reduced to a very small pile of dirt.  The rest of it had been used to fill nearby gardens and roadways.  Does it harbor residual energy, or even spirits that protect what’s left of it? (And did any of its spiritual energy transfer – with the soil – to the local gardens and roadways?)

These are the kinds of sites you might walk or drive past daily, and not think about as potential haunts.

In this report — and the accompanying mindmap — I share tips for including ghost hunting in your everyday routines.

Click here for the Everyday Ghost Hunting Report (PDF)

Click here for the Everyday Ghost Hunting Mindmap
(PDF for 8.5″ x 14″ paper)

4 thoughts on “Everyday Ghost Hunting (Report, Mindmap)”

  1. What i’ve always assumed is that haunted places are those places that were owned by materialist persons who couldn’t simply forego their expensive possession even when death prevailed.And that’s a very reasonable reason, for a decent bungalow is certainly the most coveted and expensive object of life.For i know that no honest person who has toiled for 3 decades of his life,has been able to acquire a 200 square metre(minimum) decent bungalow in decent location.Those who do possess it by legacy or unscruplous means,very well know the value.

    1. Great insights, Vivek! Thank you. I’d never considered the perceived value (or scarcity) of someone’s home, as a reason for a haunting. But, now that I think about this, I’m sure you’re right. This can be very useful for researchers who can’t find any related tragedy, etc. As you said, it might be a case of — as some people joke — “If I can’t take it with me, I’m not going.”

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  2. Fiona, if you care to use the info for research i will have to be more to the point.Fact is there is no scarcity of houses or of high value properties.What is pertinent is that matority of people can afford upto 150 thousand $ house but the goal for really ambitious person is 1/2 to 1 million $ house,and this particular value draws the maximum mental energy of those who do manage to acquire it.Of course there are many high profile crooks who have 2 to 5 million $ house but they don’t count for they have not invested any mental energy.

    1. Vivek, that’s a very interesting way to look at sites. I hadn’t stopped to consider the mental energy that people invest in their homes, and how that relates to the person’s background and finances. I’m sure I’ll be thinking about this as another facet of ghost hunting. Thank you! Your observations always bring a fresh viewpoint to the discussion.

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