Every Gravestone Tells a Story

Iron headstone (NH)In the first edition of my book, Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries, I listed signs and symbols to look for on or near gravestones. The artwork and inscriptions can tell a story.

(Until the photo gallery is restored at this site, the following illustration shows the kinds of pictures I’ve featured.)

Unexpected materials in gravestones

Left to right: Wooden grave marker (TX), iron headstone (Henniker, NH), and a zinc monument designed to look like granite (Nashua, NH).

Note: When I’m selecting graves to investigate, I’m always interested in expensive and ornate grave markers. Among them, I focus on neglected and damaged stones, as they usually tell a tragic story of a once-great family or individual.

When a gravestone was expensive, it usually represents an individual or family with wealth and power.

Since that burial, something changed so the grave hasn’t been maintained. It could be enough reason for a haunting.