EMF Reality Check – Are EMF Spikes Really Ghosts?

At haunted places, many ghost hunters look for spikes in electromagnetic fields (EMF). Those spikes can be detected with devices like EMF meters and hiking compasses.

Are EMF surges ghosts?However, many ghost hunters think the ghosts create the EMF energy.

I’m not certain that’s true.

Let’s assume that humans have at least two parts: a physical body and a spiritual presence.

The spirit lives on, perhaps as a ghost.

But, in life, why don’t those spirits (or the bodies containing them) give off similar EMF energy?

It’s true that the human body contains some measurable electrical charge. Some people believe that bodies responds to magnets.

However, even on the highest setting, EMF meters rarely measure any significant energy spikes caused by a living human body… even a highly emotional one.

The spirit-EMF connection?

A body + spirit does not emit significant EMF spikes.

So, how and why would ghosts create them?

Here are the leading theories:

  1. The body limits the spirit’s ability to generate electromagnetic energy, OR…
  2. A living person’s spirit is not entirely in the vicinity of his or her body. When the spirit becomes whole again after it’s freed from the body, the spirit regains its power… literally. That increased power is measured as EMF energy, OR…
  3. EMF spikes at haunted sites aren’t energy emanating from the ghosts, but from “the other side” as portals open for ghosts to enter our world.

We don’t have enough evidence to know the real answer.

EMF and portals?

I lean towards the idea that EMF spikes indicate open portals.  I’ve talked about this before.

I’m basing that idea on recent studies in quantum physics, especially related to gravity.

Physicists know that gravity is leaking into our world or out of it. No one is sure where the leaks are, or if they’re uniform across the unified field (aka, reality) that we inhabit.

Let’s say that most physicists are right, and parallel universes are real.  Temporary openings between worlds may involve a transference of energy from one side to the other.

Yes, I’m building on speculation. To me, it seems logical that EMF spikes indicate open portals (or doorways) between the worlds.

Of course, if that’s true, it leads to another puzzle: If ghosts are passing through a doorway or portal, it means that they’re not trapped here. In fact, they’re “crossing” back and forth regularly.

Also, I can debunk my theory with this question: If the EMF spike comes from the open portal, how do ghosts use EMF devices (meters, Ovilus, ghost radar, etc.) to communicate with us? Are they opening and closing doors between the worlds, to create the EMF spikes as replies?  That seems preposterous. (Not impossible… just unlikely.)

I’m not sure where this discussion leads, but it’s important to question why we have EMF spikes in haunted locations.

This article is part of the Broome Theory series.

5 thoughts on “EMF Reality Check – Are EMF Spikes Really Ghosts?”

  1. While I was reading your artical, it does make sense but I have seen now where they are using the EMF for asking questions and having the spirit answer with them spiking the meter. Do you think that this can be used like this or is it just a something that may simply happen at any given time?

  2. Where do the random words come from with ghost boxes ???
    Is that some form of emf ???
    I am fascinated.

    1. Dean, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t, if we assume they exist in an energy field we can measure.

      In general, when dealing with spiritual issues – and, for me, ghosts are “spirits,” so they fit that category – I think we may be using arbitrary labels based on characteristics. We’re just guessing that ghosts are spirits of the dead. Evidence may point in that direction, but at this point, it’s still just a guess.

      Some spirits we describe as “ghosts” might actually be angels. I try to remain fluid in terms of the words we use, and remember that we’re not sure what ghostly entities really are… or if they’re all the same sort of entity.

      Personally, I love the idea that some may actually be angels.

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