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I’m happy to work with professionals, as well as owners of extraordinary haunted properties. I read all comments left at this page, though none will be made public.

Here’s what you need to know

Authors and journalists

Professional? Contact Fiona BroomeIf you’re a journalist, I’ll do my best to respond quickly. Generally, it’s fine to quote anything I’ve said at any of my websites, in context. (If you’re not sure if I’m being sarcastic, ask me; my humor can be very dry. Sometimes, that doesn’t convey well in text.)

If you’re an author and want a cover blurb or a book foreword, etc., ask if I have time for this. (Also, I’ll need a PDF of your book to read, first.)

If you’re an author and want me to review your book, remember¬†that my reviews are blunt and honest. I write reviews every few months, in batches.

Owners of haunted hotels, stately homes, and historic sites

I love to research wonderful old haunted sites, and try to make time for them, even when I’m busy. If you need documentation – including historical information to support your hauntings – I’ll do my best to make time to work with you.

However, if your site turns out not to be haunted, I’ll be frank about that. When you hire me, you get my very best work… and my honest insights.

Producers, cast & crew

If you’re a TV or movie producer, here’s what to expect:

    • I can act as a location scout, on- or off-site. I use a variety of methods for this, based on history, geography, individual reports… and what I call the “secret sauce” of my research. Sometimes, I can do this remotely; I don’t always have to be on-location. However, in many cases, that helps.
    • I can tell you if a location seems genuinely haunted or if it’s over-hyped and more urban legend/trope than fact. That’s based on history, geography, etc., as well as what I find online and what you tell me. In most cases, I can do this remotely.
    • On-site, I can cruise through a site and tell you the areas most likely to have film-worthy activity. Again, that’s related to history & geography, plus my instincts. In some cases, I can tell you the “hot spots” within a few feet (or less) of where you’ll detect paranormal activity.
    • Will your scenes impress viewers? I can tell you what is – and isn’t – likely to seem real, authentic, and legitimate to viewers. (Though I have no doubt that ghostly things happen at truly haunted sites, I’m also a bit of a skeptic, so I’ve studied this… a lot. Let me help your production maintain its reputation and integrity.)
    • I can teach cast and crew the basics of ghost hunting. This is best done in-person. It doesn’t have to be at an actual, haunted site. Many of my methods are based on traditional, low-tech research techniques that work. (They can be verified with ghost hunting equipment for added authenticity/effect.)
    • I’m also familiar with people’s reactions to paranormal encounters… what to expect, what to believe, what to be concerned about, and what’s probably just “jumping at shadows.” This is useful for actors as well as shows’ investigative teams and directors. Many viewers can spot what they think is a fake or exaggerated reaction. In some cases – but not all of them – the viewers’ opinions are right. Let me help you avoid blunders that can discredit your production.
    • But, while I’m delighted to work as a consultant, I’m not eager to appear on-camera. I’ve never wanted to be a star. It’s a privacy thing.

To contact me, leave a comment on this page and include your email address. No one will see your comment except you and me. 

2 thoughts on “Professional Contact Page”

  1. I suspect there’s something in my house. My family members are seeing unexplained faces and figures in the dark. Sometimes they are being physically touched and the house is experiencing financial and health drought since last 10 years. I really want to consult someone over skype if possible? Please let me know.

    1. Aditya, don’t trust anyone over Skype or the Internet in general. Start with my “Is Your House Haunted?” book, in case there are actually normal explanations. (It’s not “all in your head.” There are physical causes of many – perhaps as much as 80% – apparent hauntings.)

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