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Hello, and thank you for your interest in ghosts and haunted places. Thousands of people try to contact me daily, and – with current resources – I cannot read every email or reply to them. Until I find a better solution, this page may help.

Answers to most questions are here:

To learn more about me, visit There, you can read my bio, and find updates about my many projects.


If you’re troubled by a demon or other malicious entity, that’s not my area of expertise. Contact someone in real life.

    • Speak – in person – with a mainstream member of the clergy in your local area. You do not have to be a member of their congregation, or even share their beliefs. (If you’re a non-believer, it’s usually best to start with a church that describes itself as “inclusive.”)
    • If you feel as if you’re in danger – mental, spiritual, or physical – get away from the frightening location or person. Do that right now. Then, get help today. Call law enforcement or a minister. (Remember, full-time clergy are trained in spiritual matters; ghosts, demons, etc. are spirits.) Don’t wait to see if things get worse.
    • If you’re certain it’s a malicious or demonic entity, contact someone like John Zaffis or Peter Haviland. I’ve investigated with each of them for over 10 years, and I trust them.

Contact FAQs

Students’ questions

Can I interview you for my school paper – or – can you be my advisor?

I’m sorry, but no. (I haven’t worked with students in over six years. Anyone who claims otherwise is either lying or they’ve been misled.)

However, I encourage you to continue your research into paranormal topics. We need more, better answers for unexplained phenomena.

Can you speak at my school/university/club?

No, but thank you. Due to a busy research & writing schedule, I’m not planning personal appearances at this time.

Questions from owners of haunted sites

I think my house (or apartment, small business, or other private location) is haunted. Can you investigate it for me?

Not at this time. My best advice is to rule out carbon monoxide, bad electrical wiring, and infrasound. Any of them can cause problems that can seem (convincingly) like ghosts. 80% of the sites I investigate have one or more of those issues.

For additional help, contact anyone in the TAPS family of investigators, or anyone reputable. (Check them thoroughly on social media, in videos, and their own websites. Read reviews. Get reliable endorsements.)

Of course, you could contact reality (“unscripted”) show producers, if you don’t mind being on TV. However, remember that some (not all) shows deliberately sensationalize phenomena that may not be ghostly, and they don’t always help you with the problem.

I own a haunted hotel, castle, or stately home. Can you help me document my site and its ghosts?

Possibly. Leave a comment here or at my Facebook Page. Even during stay-at-home times, I have access to a wealth of historical records that may be useful. Frankly, I love this kind of research.

TV and movies

I’d like to talk with you about haunted locations, ghost hunting trends, or something else for a TV show or movie. How can I contact you?

You can leave a comment here or at my Facebook Page. (I manually approve all comments at this page. No one else will see it.)

I’ll need a phone number or email that I can verify as legit. (No offense, but plenty of people want me to believe they work for Disney or MGM or Travel Channel, and so on.)

Or, you can check with long-time TV stars, etc., associated with ghost hunting shows. Many of them – including John Zaffis, Robin Pyatt Bellamy, and Pete Haviland – know how to reach me directly. I usually reply within 24 hours.

Generally, I will not appear in front of the camera. I like my privacy.

During stay-at-home times, I’m able to use historical and geographical records to recommend lesser-known haunted locations. I can also find unique supporting (or debunking) information for sites you’re already considering. My focus is paranormal activity in the U.S., the U.K., and Ireland.

And, if I can’t help you, or I’m too busy, I can probably refer you to a reliable professional in this field.

Publishing-related questions

I’m a journalist. Can I interview you?

Probably, if your credentials can be verified and your questions are about ghosts and haunted places. Leave a comment, below.

I’m a publisher. Can you write a chapter for one of our books?

Maybe. It depends on the topic, your publishing schedule, and how extensive my research notes (footnotes) need to be.  Leave a comment (no one but you and I will see it).

Mandela Effect questions

This is not a place for Mandela Effect discussions.

Back in 2009, I was simply pointing out a quirky, surprising anomaly: the late 20th century death of Nelson Mandela. Mostly, I wanted to know how many other people remembered what I did, or if there was a logical explanation for it.

In our early discussions, the Mandela Effect was weird and cool and fun. Now that the Mandela Effect has been co-opted and politicized, I’ve lost interest in it (to put it mildly). In the future, I may feel differently. For now, you’ll find plenty of forums eager to hear from you. This is not the place for that.

I have NO connection to any “Mandela Effect” movies, TV shows, books (except my own), conferences, etc. (However, I still think the related X-Files episode was clever and hilarious.)

Spam offers

Typical questions/offers I receive include: I want to help you with website design, SEO, monetization, etc., so you can be rich & popular like me. OR I’d like to date you tonight. OR I need your help with the millions of dollars I can’t access in my Nigerian bank account; it won’t cost much and we’ll both get rich, I promise. OR you’ve won the lottery, are owed money from some country’s treasury department, or someone rich left you his estate and we can help you claim it.

Umm… no, thanks.  Paranormal investigators aren’t as gullible as you might think.