Haunted Happenings by Robert Cahill – review

Haunted HappeningsHaunted Happenings: With New Photos of Old Ghosts, by Robert Ellis Cahill



  • Entertaining stories with interesting illustrations and photos
  • A few stories do not appear to be historically accurate.
  • Ideal for anyone planning a vacation in New England, or looking for some well-known ghosts to investigate.

Haunted Happenings includes some great stories of New England (USA) ghosts.

If you’re looking for folklore and legends as a starting point, this book is better than the average.  The stories can be chilling, and they’re well told with interesting historical details.

Many of these tales were meticulously researched, with documents and photos to support them.

However, other stories — or aspects of them — may be more folklore than fact.  That said, most of these stories have at least some foundation in truth.

The author is well-known as a storyteller, and this book is among his best.  It’s great book for a ‘good scare’ around Halloween.

In addition, if you’re a ghost hunter, Cahill interviews people with powerful stories.  These are some excellent starting points if you’d like to research New England’s classic ghost stories.

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Brandywine Valley Ghosts

hull-brandywineghostsBrandywine Valley Ghosts by Laurie Hull


This is a fun book to read whether you’re a ghost hunter or someone who enjoys real ghost stories.


  • Chilling, true ghost stories
  • Good tips for ghost hunters
  • An entertaining book for all readers

Ms. Hull is the kind of ghost hunter and author that I admire. In this book, she mixes well-researched history, chilling ghost stories, amusing anecdotes, and first-person encounters with ghosts. There’s something for every ghost enthusiast.

This book features many photos. Some are excellent, and I’d question others. In a way, that’s typical of ghost research; no two people will get excited about the same photos. In fact, if I see too many startling photos, I question their integrity. This book seems to include a good balance of convincing, eerie and, “Well, maybe…” photos.

I especially like the stories in which Ms. Hull explores sites that have quirky folklore. Her visit to the Ticking Tomb is a wonderful anecdote. As preposterous as some ghost stories are, they’re always worth checking in person. Her experience is classic.

This is an ideal book if you like to read true ghostly encounters.

It’s also an excellent travel guide if you’d like to visit haunted places in southeastern Pennsylvania. Ms. Hull has even included a chapter about local, haunted bed-and-breakfasts. (My “gut feeling” is that Kennett House — in Kennett Square, PA — is worth staying at for a couple of nights.)

Some people are good ghost researches. Others are good writers. In Brandywine Valley Ghosts, Ms. Hull proves that she is both. My harshest criticism of this book is that it wasn’t long enough. I wanted more stories. The variety and personality in each chapter kept me turning the pages.

I look forward to reading additional books by Laurie Hull, and I hope that she’s working on another one right now.

— reviewed by Fiona Broome

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