Ghost Hunting, Portals, and EMF Surges

Prepare yourself. This article is going to be very geeky. And a little weird.

Ghost portals, emf, and time slipsMaybe some EMF readings don’t always indicate ghosts.

Those EMF spikes and surges may signal a portal, an opening between the worlds, or a time-slip.

Until the early 2000s, I shared these thoughts with just a few other researchers.

Even now, I’m uneasy explaining this, because I know how “out there” this can sound.

On the other hand, researchers with a background in science may enjoy this speculation.

So, here are some weird, off-the-wall ideas I’ve been thinking about.

Time-slips and parallel realities

Evidence at haunted sites raises the possibility that realities – or at least time – may be layered.

When it’s limited to the world we know, it may be described as a “time-slip.”

The Oxford English dictionary defines time-slip (a word in use since the 1940s) as:

(The occurrence of) a dislocation in the flow of time, in imagination or (especially) as represented in fiction, film, etc., by means of which travel between different periods of time is supposed to be possible; (also) the bringing together of different points in time, as a result of which events at one period may be perceived or experienced at another.

Or, when people are talking about worlds that are similar to ours, but also different – in time, space, or other features – the phrase might be “parallel realities.”

I think ghost hunters need to consider the possibilities. We may be stumbling over these events in our research, and not realize it.

One of the biggest markers of a time-slip or reality shift might start with those odd, one-off EMF spikes, surges, and bursts we see on our devices.

To understand this, let’s dig deeper into the topic of EMF.

What is EMF?

EMF (or electromagnetic field/s) may be a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. That’s what Wikipedia says.

For example, we regularly measure normal, high EMF fields around refrigerators, some electrical outlets, and exposed electrical wiring.

Wikipedia also says…

“The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature (the others are gravitation, weak interaction and strong interaction).”

So, the four basic forces of nature are:

  1. EMF, which we’ve studied at haunted sites
  2. Gravity
  3. Weak interaction (aka, weak nuclear force, is the mechanism of interaction between subatomic particles, and affects things at short distances)
  4. Strong interaction (the nuclear force that holds the fundamental particles of nature together, so they form larger particles)

For now, I’m going to focus on EMF and gravity.

A gravity/EMF connection?

Gravity has fascinated me for years. It’s a force that doesn’t always make sense.

Physicists aren’t sure whether gravity is leaking into our world, or out of it.

But my question is: If gravity can leak across supposed brane barriers, why not another force of nature – EMF – as well?

Brief, one-off EMF surges

Since the early 2000s, I’ve been focusing on unexplained EMF spikes and surges at haunted sites.

I’m especially interested in EMF spikes that happen just once during an investigation, but have no explanation.

Many ghost hunters enthusiastically claim that the EMF represents spiritual energy. Some say that it’s emanated by ghosts.

Then they look for continued EMF spikes, especially in response to questions and commands. (“Do that again” or “Approach this box again.”)

Likewise, they point to photographic anomalies and happily believe every one of those pictures shows actual ghosts.

If that makes sense to them, I’m happy to agree.

After all, they may be 100% correct. That would be lovely.

But privately, I’ve had questions. Not just about EMF readings, but other anomalies – including odd photos – and if all of our equipment might be affected by something we haven’t identified yet.

What if they’re not ghosts?

For years, I’ve been a contrarian. I’m not convinced that all EMF anomalies at haunted settings are actually evidence of individual spirits.

Yes, I believe in ghosts, meaning: spirits of the dead.

Also, I believe that consistent anomalies occur at sites we call “haunted.”

But I’m not sure that all anomalies (even at profoundly haunted sites) are caused by actual ghosts.

Here’s one way to look at anomalies at haunted places:

Ghost Time Slips and other questions

As I see it, some – not all – anomalies are caused by ghosts. But what about those that aren’t related to ghosts?

What if some EMF spikes occur – and odd images show up in our photos – when a door between realities opens, and — like gravity — electromagnetic energy leaks into our world?

For further reading:  EMF Reality Check – Are EMF Really Ghosts? (2008)

To be clear: I don’t want to spoil anyone’s happy investigations.

I won’t raise an eyebrow if someone believes an apparition, an EMF spike, or even EVP is actually his/her/their Great-Aunt Harriet.

For all I know, that particular encounter might represent spiritual energy from the beloved aunt.

Perhaps that’s all the person wanted to get from ghost hunting. If so, that’s wonderful!

His, her, or their questions have been answered. They have peace of mind that Great-Aunt Harriet is in a better place, and still remembers her favorite family members.

However, my questions have been different. Some are based on personal experiences, including my impressions at haunted places.

To me, it seemed like many of them didn’t make sense.

Portals – points of access?

At many (perhaps most) investigations, we encounter relatively minor phenomena. It might have a very normal (but weird) explanation like infrasound, high levels of carbon monoxide from a stove, or bad electrical wiring.

It might be what we call residual energy left by emotionally charged events in the past.

But some locations – including The Myrtles Plantation (Louisiana, USA), Gilson Road Cemetery (NH, USA), the Winchester Mansion (California, USA), Tudor World (Warwickshire, UK), and Borley Rectory (Essex, UK) – have exhibited an extraordinary range of paranormal activity.

What makes them different? Even experienced ghost hunters are often astonished when they investigate those sites.

Those are the kinds of haunts that fascinate me. I’m still looking for answers.

Maybe they’re what some call portals… locations where “ghosts” and other paranormal phenomena are entering and exiting our world.

And, for a long time, I’ve suspected that EMF is also leaking through some of those portals (or access points between realities).

If that’s true, it’s possible that these points are also ground zero for time-slips.

Sci-fi and the fringe

Let’s go even further out on the sci-fi limb.

What if other civilizations or worlds have mastered use of these portals? For all I know, portals a form of travel that saves fuel or time, or both.

That could explain some UFOs, USOs, and other eerie phenomena in the “now you see it, now you don’t” category.

The Hum, mysterious booming sounds, and even EVP (recorded voices “from the other side”) might come through some of those portals.

I’m sure several other “out there” phenomena might fit this theory, too.

Here’s what that Venn diagram looks like, as I imagine it:

Paranormal research - quantum science

It’s a highly speculative theory.

Or course, I’m not sure how likely any of this is.

Please don’t think I’m 100% convinced that all – or any – of this is real.

I’m not.

But I won’t dismiss it, either.

As time passes, physicists are finding increasing evidence to support some of these theories.

For now, I think this is as good an explanation as any, related to EMF at paranormal locations.

Even better, it opens fresh avenues for research into a variety of odd and paranormal phenomena.

I’d raise an eyebrow if anyone insisted that all of this is true. I don’t think we’re anywhere close to understanding this, yet.

Meanwhile, I’m sharing this speculation because my “gut feeling” is: it’s a research path worth considering.

In 2008, this was part of my “Broome Theory” website, exploring connections between paranormal research and quantum science.

Ghosts, Parallel Realities, and Time Slips

As ghost hunters, our awareness may not be as limited as we’ve assumed.

Ghosts and Time SlipsThis may seem confusing at first. I’m not sure I fully understand it, myself.

Despite that, the possibilities are exciting.

It could explain some residual energy hauntings.

It could explain why some ghosts insist they’re still alive.

At some locations (time, space, or both), it seems like we’re able to perceive neighboring realities… things that happened in our past but – in those realities – it’s their “now.”

In other words, maybe some ghosts – who insist they haven’t died – really are alive… in their own time/reality.

That could allow energy, voices, or even a spiritual “overlap” between them.

Those time-space locations are like doors. (Such as the door of light that opened in Quantum Leap, and other time/reality sci-fi shows.)

When the door is open, energy begins leaking through it.

  • That may explain some EMF surges at haunted locations.
  • For some people, intermittent tinnitus can act as a signal.
  • That door between realities — or what caused it on the other side — might explain “the Hum” and anomalous booming sounds.
  • The door might be literal, and permit access to & from realms we describe as “the other side,” the world of the fae, etc.

When the door is open, we may be able to hear (IRL or via EVP) or otherwise communicate with entities that are on the other side, or are passing in (or out) of our reality.

Parallel realities aren’t the only option, and this isn’t the only explanation for anomalies, either.

In addition, there may be more signs or markers — audio, visual, or other — indicating the “thin points” between realities.

At this site, we’re talking about the signs, markers, and symbols indicating transfer points (time, space, or both) between realities.

And, we’re discussing ways to test this theory,  and develop practical applications.

This 2015 article by Fiona Broome originally appeared as “One of My Theories,” and it’s related to her older Broome Theory ideas.

Ghosts and Infrasound

Ghosts and Infrasound - ghost huntingMany researchers aren’t considering infrasound in their current paranormal research.

They should.

In my own studies, I’ve seen a high correlation between infrasound and certain types of paranormal reports.

It may be more than an explanation for some ghostly anomalies.

It may also be something we can use in our research.

Yes, I’m aware of equipment that generates infrasound. Some researchers (and at least one TV show) use it in their investigations.

The problem is the effect of infrasound on the investigators. Those low-level sound vibrations can cause people to feel anxiety or even hallucinate.

Here’s a Mythbusters test, from Episode 193 of their show. It makes some good points.

The Haunted Hum | MythBusters

Subscribe to Discovery! | See how Adam and Jamie set up their test to see if certain so…

That 3-minute Mythbusters video is at:

As that video shows, you can be affected, even if you don’t think you hear anything unusual.

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That means noting underground streams, nearby highways, and bridges that might produce infrasound.

Of course, that leads us back to the tricky question: Just because ghostly phenomena can be explained by something normal, is that always the correct explanation?

If you’re using infrasound – or have noticed a correlation with haunted sites –  I hope you’ll share your thoughts & insights in comments, below.


If you’re new to infrasound and want to know more of the technical aspects, here a starting point: check this PDF: Infrasound and its affects on humans.

And, if you want to get very geeky about this, you may enjoy Vic Tandy’s theories, in this PDF.

Psychics – Why Do We See What We See?

calendarWhy do psychics see what they see? That’s (mostly) a rhetorical question.

For a long time, I’ve wondered why we “see” things about ghosts when the ghosts seem to reject our help. Most seem to want us to roll back the clock, and we can’t do that. It’s frustrating. It’s why — in recent years — my focus has been on more tangible evidence related to hauntings: documented history, readings on measurement devices, and so on.

This week, the other side of that issue was on my mind. (No pun intended.)

I wondered why so many of us see the future, as well.  It seems equally pointless.

Almost exactly five years ago, I visited Gavin Cromwell at home. He was living in the United States at the time. On that day, he stumbled out from his bedroom, clearly under lingering effects of the medication he’d taken for an illness. So, I’m not sure he’ll remember the conversation we had.

On that day five years ago, he was distraught. He talked about a ferry that was going to capsize. He thought it was in Asia, and he was sure hundreds of young people were on board and would be lost. He described them traveling from the mainland to a small island, not vice versa. He talked about the ship turning onto its side for no apparent reason, and doing so, quickly. Gavin also mentioned the crew telling the young people to stay where they were because moving around could be unsafe. (At the time, I thought he’d borrowed that from a dramatization about the Titanic.)

Gavin kept asking why he was seeing something like that when he couldn’t do anything to prevent it. He asked me if I knew a way to prevent it, but I wasn’t picking up on that event at all. I had no answers.

Now, as the recent (April 2014) South Korean ferry disaster unfolds, every detail echoes exactly what Gavin said five years ago.  Not just what I listed, above, but far more details, as well.

The problem is: That information wasn’t specific enough to be helpful. Gavin “saw” more than most psychics (including me) might have sensed, but not enough to say, “In five years, on such-and-such a date, a South Korean ferry carrying hundreds of students, en route Jeju, will be involved in a disaster.”

The vision upset Gavin… a lot. He was extremely emotional about it, and almost frantic to prevent the tragedy.

But, even with as many details as he “saw,” there was nothing anyone could do. He didn’t have a specific date or location.

If he recalls that prediction — and I’m not sure that he would, since he was taking medication and was barely awake when he conveyed that vision — I’m sure it would upset him to see that it really happened.

What I’m pondering today is why psychics see what they do. It’s rare that we can help spirits. It’s unnecessarily traumatizing to see a tragedy that can’t be prevented.

What’s the point of that kind of “gift”?

Rhetorical question, sort of. I’m not sure anyone can answer this.

But, as I watch details emerge in the South Korean ferry story, I can’t help recalling the accuracy of Gavin’s prediction and wondering why psychics “see” things like that.

Quantum Memory – Here and Not Here

binary code goes quantumThe headline is, Quantum memory ‘world record’ smashed. At first glance, that may seem interesting but not apply to paranormal research.

Think deeper.

Here’s the line that made me pay closer attention to this report:

But in a quantum system, “qubits” are stored in a so-called “superposition state” in which they can be both 1s and 0 at the same time – enabling them to perform multiple calculations simultaneously. (Emphasis added.)

When we’re ghost hunting, psychics (and others) often talk about ghosts being “here and not here.”  It’s how some people perceive the energy we often call ghostly.  It’s there, sort of… but it’s also not really there.  Trying to explain that can be challenging.

(We also talk about faeries in the “betweens” and the early Irish described the Tuatha De Danann as “gods and not gods.” All of them might reference the superposition state of entities that are both in our world and not in it.)

But, this quantum computing breakthrough — at room temperature — may apply to other aspects of ghost hunting, and other branches of paranormal research.

It could explain why one researcher held the Ovilus at the Salem Inn (in 2009) and nothing much happened.

About 30 minutes alter, when he handed that Ovilus to me, it immediately started chatting.

This could explain why some researchers photograph orbs, note EMF spikes, or hear (or see) things while others at the same location (at the same time), don’t.

The fact that the quantum concept involves memory… Well, though we’re talking about different kinds of “memory,” this might eventually apply to residual energy hauntings. What if that energy doesn’t dissipate within the context our our world? Maybe what we perceive is the gradual (and sometimes intentional) movement of that energy from “here to there,” wherever “there” is, in another world or reality.

That’s going far out on a limb. The semantics of this report triggered that “what if” thought.

Of course, while this is fun to think about, it’s also highly speculative. We’re a long way from being able to demonstrate any answers like this, consistently, though that is a goal.

One of the big questions has been the role of the observer, and how to insulate investigations so the observer factor can be studied.  Until now, quantum reports were encouraging, but not this dramatic.

You see, I’m pretty sure the 39 minutes in this test had to be observed.  As I see it, that’s the only way results can be recorded.  (It’s that old, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there…” challenge.)

To take the superposition state from just three minutes (and in cryogenic conditions) to 39 minutes at room temperature… that’s an amazing leap.

This breakthrough also opens the door to think about paranormal encounters in fresh — and surprisingly possible — contexts.

Photo credit: Binary illustration by Flavio Takemoto.

Ghosts and Mythbusters’ Infrasound Test

streamThe following isn’t (and wasn’t intended to be)  a ghost hunting video.

And, for those of us who know about the effects of infrasound, the results aren’t a surprise.  However, it’s still a good demo.

This video is important for ghost hunters because of the description Jamie gives as he’s experiencing infrasound.  

That’s what you’re looking for, if you suspect infrasound.

Watch this video:

Effects will vary from person to person, in terms of intensity and description, but any influence is important as we’re separating what’s normal from what’s paranormal.

Of course, most haunted sites won’t have a sound system generating infrasound.

However, underground streams or other sources of infrasound can affect people at a site. Investigators may interpret it as paranormal, though it’s not.

This is one reason why I recommend checking geological surveys of the area, unless you already know there’s water beneath the site you’re investigating.

This is a question that’s been raised about Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, NH.  There is a marshy area in back of the cemetery, and folklore suggest that the land across the street was once underwater.

However, in terms of underground streams within a block of the cemetery… the map doesn’t suggest that.

Of course, more research is necessary, not just in terms of geology, but also other infrasound sources.

Many hauntings — especially at sites like Nashua’s Country Tavern restaurant — seem to have intensely haunted rest rooms.  (Usually, it’s the ladies’ room.  I’m not sure why, unless women are more likely to notice — or talk about — ghostly encounters in bathrooms, while men tend to be more purpose-driven when they visit a rest room.)

So, I’d like to see study results related to water in pipes, as well.

One complication: There may be other connections between water and ghostly activity.  I think Colin Wilson was the one who commented on unexplained water on the floor, in connection with poltergeist activity at the Winchester mansion in California.

Nevertheless, when investigating a house where the owners or tenants are frightened of ghostly phenomena, infrasound may be the normal explanation they need to hear. (No pun intended.)

Originality (because they finally demonstrated the effect, and it took a lot of effort)


Credibility (as a “ghost”)

Not applicable.