Brown Springs, OK – Too Scared

If you can see this Brown Springs video by “Panic Attack Videos,” watch it. It’s interesting and credible.

[Update: Video made private by “Panic Attack Videos” on YouTube – link was  However, the video was so compelling, I’m leaving the link here in case you want to try to access it.]

This video looked like the real thing to me.  There is no reason for grown men to act that frightened… unless they were.  And, if you check some of their other videos from that site, I think you’ll be impressed with the location.

This was a very short video and — because it’s so brief and the guys panicked —  it’s not terribly scary.  However, it’s exactly what happens in a genuinely haunted sites… even if you’re a guy who’ll get out of a car to confront unknown people pursuing you.  (That refers to part of the video featured in my Hollow Hill article.  It’s an amazingly risky thing to do.)

Basically, the guys arrive at Brown Springs — in Love County, by Thackerville, Oklahoma — and stay just a few minutes.  Then, a sense of evil and danger overtakes them and they decide to leave, quickly.

Strong language made this video not safe for office viewing, and the authenticity — suggesting something truly frightening — made this video unsuitable for family viewing, too.





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  1. I had an experience at Brown Springs several years ago. It’s one that will stay with me always. There is true evil there.

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