Bradford College, MA – Tunnel Orbs

Bradford College – now Northpoint Bible College – has an eerie reputation.

From well-known ghosts in places like the college theatre and tunnels beneath the college, to the connection with Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, it’s a mysterious site.

It’s also private property, since Bradford College closed, and was sold to a new owner.

However, the legends remain. Those who’ve lived at Bradford, and those who’ve investigated its ghosts… we won’t forget what a strange, sometimes creepy place it was.

The following photos show one of the tunnels beneath what was then Bradford College, near Denworth Hall.

First photo, enhanced & annotated:
Bradford tunnel

First photo (original):
Bradford Tunnel - original photo
It was not especially damp in this tunnel, and there were no shiny surfaces to reflect the flash. Dust is a possibility, but the question is: Why do we have lots of orbs in some photos – but not in others –  when those photos were taken seconds apart from each other?

In the original photo, I can see at least ten orbs. I’ve indicated many of them in the smaller photo, above. Some are clearer than others.

This is not proof that Bradford College is haunted. Orbs are not necessarily ghosts.

However, unexplained orbs usually indicate a location where we’ll hear many ghost stories.

With or without orb photos, the intense first-person stories — including those of our investigators and the students we interviewed — suggest that Bradford College (no longer at that location) — is truly haunted.

This is one in a series of articles about the ghosts of Bradford College

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  1. I remember the tunnels; we used to take a wooden chair on wheels and take turns pushing each other
    at very fast speeds down the tunnel; the one that led to Hasseltine Hall always had a puddle near the threshold to Hasseltine; the Denworth one was okay. Ghosts were periodically seen in the balcony of the theatre or in the music classrooms at the very top of the building (above the costume & make-up rooms)

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