Bradford College, MA, Ghosts – 3. Academy 3, 4

Bradford College, Bradford, Massachusetts – 11 March 2000

Academy Building – third and fourth floors


Our next stop was the conference room on the third floor. This is a large, open room with tables and chairs in the middle for meetings.

As soon as I entered, I could “see” a cluster of students towards the center of the room, around something or someone–perhaps a couple of people–and involved in something mischievous. I interpreted this as hazing, and said so. James confirmed that with the pendulum.

Later, we found out that students had been using a Ouija board in that room, and that may account for some of the clusters that I saw.

It wasn’t strong energy, or particularly awful. Just mischief, sometimes with disturbing consequences, but the events in the center of the room were fairly harmless.


In the far right corner of the room, there was some stronger, unpleasant energy. I had mild EMF readings, between 2 and 3. It felt as if something odd had happened there. The event may have been awful at the time, but the residual energy wasn’t that strong for me. I had the very vague idea that someone may have gone out that row of windows, but it wasn’t a clear image. The energy was there, but not distinct enough for me to get a vivid impression.

Alan joined me there, and the EMF meter suddenly went flat. No readings at all. Alan face acquired that odd color he gets, when he’s in some unpleasant energy. I put the EMF meter next to him, and the readings returned–emanating from his body. He was not carrying a camera or cell phone.

The surrounding area remained entirely flat. Alan, whom we jokingly call “ghostbait,” had absorbed the residual energy. The area felt clear. Alan looked grim. He stayed there for a few more minutes, and then walked away.

I checked the rest of the room, and there were no significant readings. However, in the front left corner of the room (if you’re standing at either of the doors, entering from the hall), I had readings of 4-5 near the part of the wall where it looks as if someone has hit the wall with a hammer. There are round indentations, which mar the wall and the paint on it.

From outside the room, there were elevated readings on the other side of this area, so I assume there’s some lightly-shielded electrical wiring there, or an unshielded television upstairs, producing EMF radiation.


One notable event in that room, was when Ann decided to take a photo of a bulletin board in the room. It was covered with red construction paper, and at the top of the board, black letters said, “It Could Happen Here…” We had joked about how appropriate that line was. That part of the room didn’t seem to have any spectral energy, it was just funny.

Ann’s camera refused to work, again. No photo. That was odd. Alan and James tried to get the camera to work when it failed, and no one could see any reason why it was balking. They were not able to get the camera to work.


We climbed to the fourth floor, a commons room, number 457. I felt as if the ceiling was closing in on me, as I approached this room. It was as if the space was getting smaller, as in Alice in Wonderland.

Inside the room, I sensed that this was a “very bad room,” as I described it. Some very bad things had happened there. That’s all I can say. The words and impressions are through childish eyes. I do see smaller children, perhaps grammar school age, not college, and they’re somehow restrained. It’s not good. The words that came to me clearly were, “very bad.”

At the row of large windows, at the end of the room, I knew that someone had gone out that window. My impression was an odd mix, not violence exactly, and not exactly a suicide. I interpreted it as one of those 1970’s incidents where someone on drugs thought he could fly, and leaped out a window. However, that’s just a rationalization of the odd imagery I perceived there.

Ann commented that she could feel a sense of falling, and sort of “see” that someone had hit the ground there.

I was not so impressed with the person who may have gone out the window (or almost fallen?), but that the room had been used for some sort of discipline. I could sense that a lot of children had been in there, and it had been an awful experience to be summoned there.


One surprising event in that room, was when James tried to use my new pendulum. It broke, abruptly. The big link connecting the chain to the quartz pendulum opened, and even mechanically-inclined James couldn’t fix it, until after we returned home.

Outside the room, Ann tried to take more photos. Her camera was obstinate, but she was finally able to get a photo with it.

Again, the camera worked just fine when it wasn’t pointed at a haunted location, but there were problems when she tried to photograph any area where energy was reported.

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  1. That room 457 was the dance studio when I was at Bradford;
    i attended from 1976-1979; lived in Academy Hall for 3 years;
    2nd & 3rd floors; still have dreams about that building

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