Bennington Triangle

Vermont foliageThe trouble with the Bermuda Triangle is (a) its location is huge and mostly over the water, and (b) it has been so frequently researched, there’s a massive amount of information to sift through to find any patterns… or a theory that’s been overlooked.

The Bridgewater Triangle (MA) offers some interesting quirks that haven’t been fully explored, but the area is densely populated. That’s both a plus (lots of eyewitnesses) and a minus (many locations are difficult to access or on private property).

The Bennington Triangle (VT) has remained under the radar for many people.

Thank heavens for the Wayback Machine, so I could read this article: Vanishing Point, by Carl Hughes. If you’re interested in it, print it out; it could vanish from the Internet at any time.

I stumbled onto that when I researched facts behind the movie, The Haunting. Yes, there is a connection between the two.

But anyway, I think the Bennington Triangle offers some great opportunities for serious investigators.

Yes, there’s a risk in putting this tip online. However, most researchers who want to grab the limelight… they haven’t a clue what they’re doing. Heaven help them in a location like Bennington, where there might be genuine risks.

The challenge is knowing where to look; I’d already heard some great stories, offline, and they’re pointing in an interesting research direction.

I will share them, later, once I’ve seen what’s worth exploring and what merely results in blisters and insect bites.

Until then, Bennington is probably a great location for hiking or to enjoy Vermont’s fall foliage. Just don’t go there alone. And, as a personal favor, don’t make this the subject of your blog, TV show or radio broadcast.

Not yet, anyway.

Photo credit: Kathi B, Germany

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