BBC Ghost Special (2012-2013)

This half-hour BBC TV show about ghosts is well worth watching, even with commercial breaks.  The video includes credible ghost stories as well as Vic Tandy’s quick explanation of infrasound, and his studies at some of Britain’s haunted sites.

[Update: That video was removed from YouTube, and I haven’t found it again, online, even at the BBC site. If you locate it, let me know. And yes, I should have noted the name of that show; it’s a lesson learned.]

Can infrasound cause anxiety, fear, or even hallucinations?  Yes.

But, might infrasound attract ghosts…?  That’s an unanswered question, even if it’s probably preposterous speculation.

Locations in this video are among the reasons why ghost hunting in the UK is so popular: rich history, lots of drama, and extraordinary stories and evidence.

Some related videos:

Ghost Footage in Tamworth Castle – I’ve included this video for a few reasons.

  • It provides a good sense of what it’s like to review footage after a ghost investigation.  It’s tedious, and you’ll see very little. At some points, you may wonder if your eyes are fooling you (and sometimes, they are), and then you’ll want to fast-forward through the screenshots, looking for anything interesting.
  • Either the video was speeded up, Tamworth has supersonic insects, or a couple of those images might be paranormal. (However, at least one is definitely a bug.)
  • The right wall of the stairway has something odd going on.  It’s like the surface is changing, but the corresponding wall, across the stairs, doesn’t have nearly as much activity.  Is that due to lighting?  A quirk of the camera?  I have no idea, but it’s interesting.  I haven’t seen that in other videos.  Not where I couldn’t explain it, anyway.

Medium Ian Doherty investigates Tamworth Castle – A typical summary of psychic perceptions at a haunted site.

Here’s more about the fire of Wem, the ghost photo in the BBC special, and skeptical observations by a photography expert at the National Media Museum:

[Update: That video has been deleted.]

The “ghost girl of Wem”  photo is further debunked in this video.  The typos at the opening didn’t give me confidence, but the images are fairly convincing… though they, too, could be fakes.

[Update: That video has been deleted. Until I find one that’s better, the following debunking-style video tells the story.]

Next, evidence related to Belgrave Hall:

[Update: Another YouTube video that’s now deleted. I’m leaving the text here, in case a similar video turns up at YouTube.]

And, a great explanation of the importance of Belgrave Hall’s garden, as well as its ghosts: