Baseline Yourself for Ghost Hunting

baseline yourself for ghost huntingLet’s say you’re ghost hunting.

Suddenly, you feel uncomfortable, ill, or emotional.

Are you sure that it’s something paranormal?

A simple, baseline check can help you decide what’s really going on.

That’s why I’ve recorded a short podcast, and created a transcript you can print.

I’ve also created a worksheet of emotions.

Use them yourself. Share them with your team and students, too.

  • The podcast provides an overview.
  • The instruction sheet covers the important points.
  • The worksheet can be carried with you, so – at a glance – you can tell how you feel before the investigation.
  • Then, during the investigation, it’s easy to check for (and identify) possible paranormal influences on your emotions.

The Baseline Yourself Podcast

Here’s the five-minute podcast:

The podcast is available here, too:

How to Use This

Discover what’s normal for you.

Before each investigation, double-check your physical, mental, and emotional state.

By running a “baseline check” of yourself, you can be more confident when something odd happens at a haunted site.

The chart can help you evaluate external emotions – perhaps coming from a ghost – as well.

That’s essential for sensitives, psychics, and mediums.  Knowing what’s you and what’s not you… that helps you establish boundaries.

Free Downloads

Here’s the free Baseline Yourself PDF.

Print copies to share with your team members.  This approach may not suit everyone, but when it’s useful… it’s really useful.

Download the free PDF instructions and worksheet, here.


Production credits: The illustrations were inspired by several different online charts of emotions. And, as usual, the podcast music is Zombie, by Devin Anderson.

This mini-podcast and PDF were from Day 1 of Fiona’s 13 Days of Halloween, 2012.

3 thoughts on “Baseline Yourself for Ghost Hunting”

  1. I know exactly what you mean by this. I was in a cottage which has a reputation for being haunted and I suddenly felt like someone had clamped a hand on my head and was drawing the energy out of me. I just said “stop it” and moved to another room but I wasn’t great for a few days after. I knew I was fine beforehand so when this happened I knew there was something wrong. Some people have reported a Dark entity at this cottage. BTW I am in Northern Ireland. Thank you for your articles and advice. They are very helpful.

    1. Hello, John,

      Thanks so much for your comment. That’s exactly the kind of phenomena that make it so important to know whether you were fine beforehand. Then, you have something as a reference point, after the encounter. I appreciate your real-life reference, so Hollow Hill visitors understand the scope of activity they can find during an investigation.

      I’m glad you’re okay. Your experience sounds intense, and I’m not sure it’s ghostly. Definitely something to be wary of.

      Northern Ireland is wonderful for ghost hunting, mostly at private residences. The landscape there, and the quality of the folklore (some of which is definitely true), make it exceptional for paranormal investigations… in a good way. For residual energy, I’d be interested in EVP around Belfast’s Europa (whatever it’s called, now). However, my first choice for research might be around the northwest coast. There’s something about the quality of the landscapes that suggests it harbors some profound paranormal energy.

      Thanks again for posting this comment.


      1. Hi Fiona

        Thanks for your reply. The cottage has been in my wife’s family for generations and was originally a weavers cottage when the main cottage industry here was weaving. A lot of cottages had looms, usually taking up one room in the cottage and this kept the family in necessities. I know that over the years the sound of a loom has been heard even though the original one has long gone. Also it wasn’t unusual for a rocking chair in the living room to start up all on its own. We also lived in this cottage for a few years until we built our own bungalow. It had an spooky atmosphere sometimes and odd noises which couldn’t be explained by normal everyday things.

        My brother-in-law lives there now and he did some renovations. This seemed to start up all sorts of activity including the sighting of what appeared to be a woman standing at the window. ‘she’ was seen by people outside but when they waved, thinking it was my brother-in-laws wife there was no response.

        Could you explain a bit more about your comment ‘I’m not sure its ghostly’.

        The next time I am in any of the locations you mentioned I will attempt some EVP for you. I have carried out investigations before and I have seen and felt a number of ghosts over the years – no room to tell you about them here.

        By the way, can I be very cheeky and say I love the sound of your voice on the podcasts – haunting I think is the word I’m looking for LOL. I find the podcasts very usful so thanks for those.

        Best wishes


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