Austin, TX – Governors Mansion Photo – Premonition?

My “ghost” photo of the Texas Governor’s Mansion has always bothered me. There was something odd about it, and I asked for comments.

There seemed to be something prophetic in the image, and I wasn’t sure what it was.

Well, I had some ideas, but I needed a good second opinion.

For me, the confirmation arrived in the form of headlines in the June 2008 newspapers.

Since it’s easy to say that something was a “premonition” after the fact, I’ve avoided saying that this photo predicted the fire that destroyed much of the Governor’s Mansion on June 8, 2008.

However, when I looked at the photo, I always saw fire. I was looking for someone else to confirm that.

This morning, someone commented about that possibility, in reference to the tragic June fire.

I’m not sure what to think about this.  It’s not the first time I’ve had a premonition, and felt prompted to take a photo.  However, this particular photo looked like a fire at the Governor’s Mansion in Austin, Texas, and I didn’t feel that it was an image from the past.

I don’t like predicting tragedy, especially when I have no information to support it, and nothing helpful to prevent what I “see.”

But, this is one of those photos that has troubled me, and it emphasizes the importance of saving all of the “odd” photos that you take, especially in haunted places.

As with this Austin, Texas photo, later events may reveal what the anomaly was.

It may not be a glimpse of the past, but a look ahead to the future.

For me, this concept is chilling.

Since this photo was posted online in March 2006, many people have had a chance to look at it.  Take a second look.  I’m not sure that was a visual premonition of the fire, but it’s certainly an odd photo.

[Link: Austin –  Texas Governor’s Mansion photo ]

4 thoughts on “Austin, TX – Governors Mansion Photo – Premonition?”

  1. I think you need to go with your gut feelings and perhaps tell someone that way when / if it does happen you have some one (or a few someones) to confirm your findings.

  2. Like my mother one time told my aunt how easy it would be to fly a plane into one of new york buildings and they should really look into that….a week later 9/11 and the trade towers fell.

  3. This is my first time ever posting anything so forgive me if I sound stupid. Is it possible to take another photo at the same location using the same camera and equipment? It would be interesting to see what shows up to say hello. I know it may sound lame but from things I’ve read, and pictures I’ve seen it does seem possible that if something was there, it could be there again? :o)

    1. Matthew, that’s not a stupid question. If I was closer to Austin, I’d go back and take more photos… probably a lot of them. I’d be very interested in what might show up now.

      Unfortunately, I’m in New England right now, investigating Salem, Massachusett’s ghosts for my next book.

      However, it’s not only possible to revisit locations and repeat what you did before, it’s a very good idea. One of the best ways to decide if a site is haunted is to compare results from a series of visits. Normal activity (and phenomena) as well as residual energy phenomena will usually repeat, and appear exactly the same each time. An active haunting involves a “live” spirit, and that spirit or ghost will react differently each time — just as people do — but may manifest in photos, EVP, etc., most of the time.

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