Advice for Sensitives

book-with-penToday, I received a very interesting email from a woman who thinks that she may be sensitive.  Her questions and comments were sensible and showed considerable insight.

Ordinarily, and especially at this time of year — getting ready for “ghost season” (Halloween) — I’m unable to answer emails. However, this email seemed important enough to answer and to post information about.

The woman had discovered that many ghost-related website copy from each other. Several make ridiculous claims. She was looking for an honest response to her questions, and she hadn’t found them… yet.

She asked about understanding, gauging and developing skills as a sensitive.

Here’s an edited version of what I said to her:

You’re not rambling.  You sound like a sensible person with a healthy level of skepticism.

You’re right. You’ll find many copycat websites online.  They’re fun for some people. I’m okay with that.  If all people want are a few “good scares” or they want to pretend they’re ghost experts, it’s fine, as long as they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Serious researchers can spot those websites within seconds. After a few chuckles, we click to the next possible resource.

In my opinion, and from what I’ve read in your lengthy email, you’re not deluding yourself.

Don’t let age be an issue.  If anything, age brings lots of “older but wiser” knowledge.

The best way to gauge how sensitive you are, and to develop your sensitivity is to:

1. Observe what you sense, carefully.
2. Observe your reaction to it, with some sense of distance from it all.  Be as objective as you can, as you evaluate everything about your experiences.
3. Keep a diary or journal, recording your impressions.  Re-read it every few months, to see how much you’ve learned and achieved.

Classes are available in many communities. Few seem to teach anything helpful.  I advise people to be very, very careful about the people they trust, and especially those who may be misguided, themselves.

In addition to my advice, above, check your baseline physical and emotional state every day before you get out of bed, and at least once or twice during the day.  That will help you identify what’s coming in from the outside, as opposed to external, spiritual activity.

Before you go to sleep at night, write in your diary or journal.  It may be helpful to close each entry with an affirmation about what you plan to accomplish the next day, especially in terms of better understanding your sensitivity.

As you’re learning about being sensitive, keep your boundaries firmly in place.  Opening yourself to perceptions can leave you vulnerable.  Use spiritual protection (if you believe in that) and reinforce your defenses if something uncomfortable seems to be intruding.

Never brush it off as “all in your mind” or “being too nervous.”  Err on the side of caution.

Don’t expect to become an expert at this — or even have a vague idea of how it works for you — overnight.  You’ll probably need months of work before you’re comfortable saying, “I’m beginning to understand this.”  Expect years before you’re able to confidently share with others your insights about sensitivity.

I’m very interested in what others would say to someone who thinks he or she might be sensitive, a psychic, or a medium.  Please share your comments and questions, below.

2 thoughts on “Advice for Sensitives”

  1. These are great, basic, sensible, and most importantly FREE steps for anyone who is feeling that they might be sensitive or who wants to develop their psychic abilities. In fact, I have taken several classes over the years (for which I have written checks) which have not been as helpful as this information. Thanks again, Fiona, for your common sense approach to a highly subjective field. I will be dusting off my journal this evening.

    1. Joanne, I’m glad I could be helpful! Thanks for the comments and lovely compliments!

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