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This is Fiona Broome’s website about ghosts and haunted places. It’s an authority site. It’s been online since the 1990s, and includes hundreds of articles about ghost hunting.

Fiona regularly updates many of those articles, and adds new articles, too.

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About Fiona Broome

Fiona is fascinated by unexplained phenomena in everyday life, especially ghostly encounters. She’s jokingly described herself as a “blip analyst.” If a topic is quirky and fun, she’s interested in it.

More seriously, she explains that she’s always seeking that sense of wonder we experience when we witness something awesome and astonishing.

In the 1990s, at GeoCities.com, Fiona was one of the first researchers to share ghost hunting insights and tips, online.

In 1999, she started this website as HollowHill.com. (The name referenced both Sleepy Hollow and Ireland’s legendary “hollow hills.”)

Hollow Hill.com (this website) quickly became one of the largest and most popular websites for ghost enthusiasts.

Many of today’s TV stars – especially in the early 2000s – used this website to learn more about ghost hunting. It’s still one of the few websites dedicated to teaching everyone how to investigate haunted sites, free.

Starting in 2008, Fiona offered the first (and most complete) free ghost hunting course for aspiring ghost hunters. It’s still online, now at Hallowfields.com, and Fiona is expanding it to include new insights.

In 2009, Fiona’s guidebook, Is Your House Haunted?, became an instant classic for anyone living in (or investigating) a building that might be haunted. She rushed an updated edition in 2020, when people – in stay-at-home mode – started noticing odd phenomena around them. (Now that readers’ initial panic has subsided, Fiona is revising and expanding that guide.)

Fiona has written or contributed to over 35 books about ghosts and paranormal topics. She’s also worked as a location scout and consultant for TV producers and cast members.

In 2020, in addition to her research, Fiona is revising her older books and writing new ones, as well.

Learn more about Fiona at her author website, FionaBroome.com