Fort George Ghosts – Ontario, CAN

Fort George ghosts, Ontario, CanadaIf you’re in or near Ontario, you’re in the right place to investigate ghosts.

In fact, you’re in the right place to investigate lots of weird and paranormal activity.

Ontario is known for its ghosts, Bigfoot sightings, UFOs, and more.

Here are some of my photos from the May 2010 G.H.O.S.T.S. Conference hosted by Margaret Byl and her team.

Ghostly Evidence?

Individually, these photos might not impress you.

I’d agree. I’d look at them and say, “That’s okay, but not necessarily ghostly, and definitely not worth going out of my way to investigate.”

But… combined, and all of them at one site on one evening…?

For me, that’s unusual. Anomalous, in its own right.

Ghosts of Fort George / Fort Mississauga

Fort George – Here, I burned through four sets of camera batteries in a little over an hour, taking just 89 photos. This 1802 fort is known for apparitions and paranormal encounters.

Link: Fort George National Historic Site and Friends of Fort George : Ghost Tours

Fort Mississauga – This 1814 fort was built to replace Fort George when the older fort was captured by U.S. forces in 1813.

I encountered residual energy in the basement, cold spots around the first floor, and noted considerable activity in the top floor/attic.

Outside, I saw two full apparitions, one in costume.

The photo above was taken after entering the fort, looking back towards the gate.

Those aren’t firework lights. Even our guide couldn’t explain what they were. I could tell they made him uneasy, but he did his best to keep smiling and continue with our tour.

Above, see the large orb is near a barn door. According to a few people on the tour, that door had opened and closed itself during an earlier visit.

However, these orbs may be dust reflections. The night was mostly calm, but the setting was dusty and breezes may have contributed.

Unlike the lights in my earlier photo, these glowing lights (left side of the photo, above) were probably fireworks.

Above, that’s a close-up of the largest orb in the previous photo. It’s one of the prettiest orbs I’ve ever photographed. Is it actually spectral?  Hmm… maybe.

I’m not sure what that weird light is near the upper left corner of the photo.

It’s not fireworks. I took this photo at the back of the fort. The angle would be 180-degrees wrong.

It’s not another photographer’s flash, either.  I’d lingered by myself to take last-minute photos. (Do what I say, not what I do; always keep a companion with you during investigations.)

Above, that’s a close-up of the strange, lighted area in the previous photo. Is is Native American…? I’m not sure that’s realistic, but it’s fun speculation, anyway.

In the next photo, the blur is not a camera strap or hair.

I have no idea what that misty area is.

It’s densest at the upper right corner, but seems to affect most of the right side of the picture. (The angle and consistency of it makes an insect unlikely, in addition to it being a chilly night.)

The next photo was taken at the white building (dorm?) near the entrance to the fort.

Here’s a close-up of that photo. Note where the circle is, and the odd image in the window.

And here’s an enlargement of that area. Unfortunately, between the age of the camera and the low-light conditions, it’s too grainy to be useful.

For me, it’s an “either you see it or you don’t” image, but what’s odd is that it extends beyond the pane of the glass, so I can’t explain it as a reflection or a smear on the window.

Do I take it seriously…? No. But, combined with all the other “maybe yes, maybe no” anomalies at the site, I can’t just shrug it off.

Whimsically, it reminds me of the alien entity inside the villain in the original Stargate movie.But it might be a simple reflection and pareidolia. (In my opinion, that excuse is used far too often by skeptical critics, but – in this example – it may fit.)

Link: Fort Mississauga (part of the Fort George National Historic Site)

Ghosts Near Fort George

The Prince of Wales Hotel at Niagara-on-the-Lake was where I participated in an eerie seance that involved more active participants (on both sides) than expected. Spirits were named George, Ben, Cindy or Cynthia, and Mary Beth, plus an entity with a frog-like appearance.

This elegant Victorian hotel is a charming location for a good night’s sleep during your visit to the area. You can stay here without any worries about troublesome spirits.

However, it’s also a very powerful setting for seances, if (and only if) you choose to participate in one. This is not recommended for novices or anyone easily frightened. Spiritual protection is advised if you attempt a seance.

And, as usual, I strongly discourage use of Ouija boards at this location… or any other.

On the other hand, I definitely recommend this hotel.

Hotel link: Prince of Wales Hotel, Ontario

Remember, when you’re in Ontario, ghosts may be just around the corner!


Seance participants included:

Demons – What Readers Said

Photo by Michal Zacharzewski, Poland - SXCDo you worry about demons? That’s what I asked in my April 2010 poll at

The majority of people believe in demons and are either a little worried or truly terrified of them.

Here’s how the numbers broke down:

100 people said they’re a little worried about demons.

99 said that demons are real, but they’re not worried about them.

56 people believe in demons and are terrified of them.

54 people aren’t sure about demons and would like to know more about them.

(To answer their questions, I’ll be posting a little more demon-related information in the future.  However, demons aren’t my area of expertise.  For that kind of information, I refer people to Peter Haviland, John Zaffis, or either Carl or Keith Johnson.  All of them are experienced demonologists.)

54 people don’t believe in demons at all. I hope they never encounter something that changes their minds.

Consider The Ghosts’ Contexts

I firmly believe that some active hauntings aren’t ghosts, but a brush with another time period… a time in which the person is still alive.

Radical?  Yes., but it’s not an original theory. (I’ve written an article, Dickens’ Christmas Carol, part 2 – Astral travel. In it, I describe Shelley’s doppelgangers, and Goethe’s encounter with himself in a future time.)

In a 2008 episode of the Ghost Hunters’ TV show, the TAPS team investigated New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington Hotel. In crystal clear EVP, the “princess” seemed to be speaking from her own time period.

How does this affect ghost research?

At this point, it’s simply an interesting theory to consider.

It might be an important point. When communicating with spirits, it’s vital to keep their contexts in mind.

Let’s say that the ghost can hear you. To him, you’re a ‘disembodied voice’. If the ghost is (or believes he is) still alive, he may think that you’re an evil spirit… something that’s a threat to his eternal soul.

If he thinks you’re in his own time period, he may decide you’re an intruder, a thief or some other kind of criminal.

You may seem foolish or rude, if you ask him to perform… tapping once for yes and twice for no, etc. (In earlier times, some actors — especially women — were considered a bit tawdry. If the ghost thinks you’ve mistaken him for a performer, this could be very insulting.)

Let’s say that the spirit is a woman — alive or dead — and she has always lived in a highly structured, conservative society. Your clothing might shock her, because the style is too revealing to wear in public.

Your language, even when you’re not speaking to her directly, could alarm her or cause her to hide from you, temporarily.

I encountered something like this at an historical society in Massachusetts (USA). One of its ghosts was a minister from early American times.  He was highly offended by my trousers (jeans), and the fact that I spoke to him directly.  In his time, women didn’t speak to him unless he addressed them, first.

I had to leave the room.  Then, he was willing to communicate with others in the room, as long as they addressed him respectfully, and through a designated (male) leader.

In the past, people were formally introduced before beginning a conversation. How many ghost hunters introduce themselves before trying to talk with the ghosts?

For more successful investigations, consider the time and culture that your ghosts lived in. By respecting their social rules, you increase your chances of establishing rapport with the spirits.

A little historical research can improve your ghost hunting results.

book-and-applewoodsyFor further reading

The Victorian Period – an online game of Victorian etiquette and manners, from the McCord Museum

Did your ghost live during the Regency? For insights, see Instances of Ill Manners to be carefully avoided by youth of both sexes and A Sample of Regency Manners.

George Washington’s Rules of Civility – described as The Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation, transcribed before the American hero was 16 years old.

Your public library may have books about manners and society from the time when your ghosts lived. For example, if your ghost is an American who lived during the Victorian era, the Essential Handbook of Victorian Etiquette is entertaining and informative.