Christmas Spirits? Ghosts and the Holidays.

christmas-blueorn-illusAlmost everyone associates Halloween with ghosts, but what about Christmas? I don’t mean Dickens’ ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’, but other ghosts as well.

Many important haunted sites are active at specific times of year.

For example, Gettysburg seems more haunted at the anniversary of the battles. Historic homes notice more hauntings at the anniversary of someone’s death. And, on the last nights of October (and April), we say that ‘the veil between the worlds is thinner’.

xmas-candles-illusIn fact, several haunted homes report increased activity on the anniversary of a previous resident’s birthday. People hear children singing or playing.  Some detect the odor of birthday candles.  Chairs might be tipped over, lights turned on and off, and other childlike mischief occurs.

Others notice residual energy hauntings on that anniversary.  (“Residual energy hauntings” are evidence of energy — especially emotional energy and intense memories — stored in the physical environment.)

Spirits seem to return at other important anniversaries, too.  If we take time to notice, we may find spirits at Christmas.

Whether revisiting from “the other side” or reliving happy, emotionally rich moments, Christmas should be a popular time for spirits to visit our world.

Every year, hundreds of people send me holiday “ghost” photos.  Those pictures show orbs around family members… orbs best explained as loving, visiting spirits.

For most of us, this is very reassuring.

You don’t need to be Scrooge to experience spiritual visits and spiritual renewal during the winter holidays.

Whether you’re alone or with others, pause for a few minutes.  See if you feel the presence of spirits with happy Christmas memories.

Let’s not ignore them.

May your holiday season bring comfort and joy to you, and to your friends and family… on both sides of the veil.

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