Ghosts and Molecules

Plasma - illustrationThis morning, when I was thinking about quantum physics and developments that started with string theory.

(Yes, some of us are admittedly geeky about ghost hunting.)

Physics has vast applications to ghost hunting. Today, I’m thinking about molecules and the ways some ghosts interact with our world.

In a nutshell, what if apparitions (including “shadow people”) have physical bodies, but there are far larger spaces between the molecules… if we can even describe them as ‘molecules’?

This could explain why they can pass through walls without slowing down.

(I’ve seen a ghost walk through a wall at Bradford College, in Massachusetts.  I’ve seen other apparitions “vanish” but maybe they also escaped through walls.)

Maybe that’s how space clearing works. Perhaps the sound, incense, or whatever invades the spaces that the ghost considers part of his or her body. So, the entity leaves to protect his or her new form.

Maybe this is why we find more ghostly manifestations around water. Maybe the moisture fills the spaces with a conductive material, and — since we can measure them with EMF — it enables them to function better in our physical world. After all, at least 50% of our bodies are made up of water.

The fact is, in ghost hunting, we’re often making this up as we go along. We’re starting with anomalies, and trying to imagine explanations that fit and (sort of) make sense.

There are days when those explanations resonate as real possibilities.

The next day, in a different light, it seems like speculation piled on top of fantasy.

I think speculation is important.  We must ask the “what if” questions.

However, remember this: When we take fantastic theories too seriously, we’ve lost the our focus and our integrity as researchers.

Go ahead. Ask the “what if” questions. They’re important.

Then, keep looking for better answers.

Houston, TX – Ghosts at Langham Creek Bridge (update)

At Langham Creek Bridge, Houston, TX
At Langham Creek Bridge, Houston, TX

Langham Creek Bridge is far more haunted than we’d guessed during our May 2005 investigation.

During our previous investigation, we’d noted anomalous compass swings (indicating elevated EMF) on the south side of the bridge.

We’d also taken an odd photo during the afternoon.

In May 2006, we visited Langham Creek Bridge with the Texas Paranormal group, organized by Elmo Johnson.

When we arrived, Elmo and Jill (another Texas Paranormal investigator) had already noted EMF surges in the field on the north side of Langham Creek Bridge.

In the photo above, the tiny white spot is an insect; it looks nothing like an orb. The others are ‘ghost orbs’ that show up in some photos, but not in others.

(In settings with flying insects and near water, it’s vital to take two photos in a row, as close together as possible. Insects, moisture, and anything else creating false orbs will usually show up in both photos. Also, orbs reflected from insects are usually oval or not-quite circular.)

All of the pictures in this article — and others about Patterson Road sites — have been authenticated against other photos.

Langham Creek Bridge, Houston, TX
Another orb at Langham Creek Bridge, Houston, TX

At right, another photo shows a crisp orb as well as another insect.

However, what really interests me are the more subtle orbs at the lower left side of the tree, and about halfway up, on the right side. To me, they seem to have more substance than typical orbs.

There’s clearly far more to investigate at Langham Creek Bridge. It’s a difficult spot to stop at, with minimal parking nearby.

However, especially in light of our earlier investigations at Patterson Road, it’s clear that Langham Creek is an active haunting.

That is, it’s not residual energy on a repeating loop. Instead, it can seem very haunted some days, and not very haunted on others.